Aadhaar and E-aadhaar Everything You Should Know In Detail

All about  Aadhaar and E-aadhaar


Aadhaar All You Must Want to know

The name aadhaar we are hearing from many months and still a majority of category don’t know what is exactly this facility and how to get aadhaar in an easy way for your future references. Now government has made the aadhaar number must for obtaining LPG also. Click here to know more about the LPG subsidy availability through aadhaar linked bank account.

People from India who are working out of country in other places are in a worry about all these proceedings also, We are trying to gather all available in formations in detail about the aadhaar, steps, e-aadhaar, registration steps etc through this post. Read below and know more for your better future purposes.

What is Aadhaar ?

Aadhaar is a unique identification proof for each and every citizen in India which enables or make you the right person for availing all services and benefits as a member of this country. So it is the basic proof for some one to be an Indian anywhere. You will get a unique aadhaar number with 14 digits and this number is the basic proof that  you are an India.

The responsibility about the aadhaar going to the U.I.D.A.I (unique identification authority of India). After 5 years of age every one should have aadhaar. In feature aadhaar may necessary for school admission also. There is no need to renew this and this is the great benefit also. You basic details, retinal image, thumb impression etc included in aadhaar. Those who are, Indians staying abroad and foreigners who are staying permanent in India should have aadhaar.

Any Fee for Aadhaar ?

At present there is no need to remit any fee for aadhaar in any stage in case of normal situation informed the government because this is a must needed and necessary service for every one who lives in India.

From Where you will get Aadhaar ?

There is no need to search more about aadhaar registration centers. You just need to go to your akshaya center nearby and carry all identification  details with you while going. Either they will register or if the center don’t have the facility they will tell you where you can register.

You can apply via selected centers for aadhaar. In India there is total 174 enrollment agencies are working for this purpose. In Kerala akshaya, keltron, NPR these three approved agencies are carrying out aadhaar registration as aadhaar enrollment centres.

How to Apply for Aadhaar ?

  • carry identification proof with photo which is approved by the government (election ID, passport, driving licence)
  • have your address proof (ration card or bank passbook)
  • fill the aadhaar form with basic information
  • attach copy of proof mentioned above with application
  • give it in the aadhaar enrollment agency
  • application form is free from these agencies
  • or you can down load from uidai.gov.in
  • visit www.akshaya.kerala.gov . in to know about list of enrollment centers
  • after entering this details you given will take thumb impression, retinal image and them photo
  • After this you will get a print out of acknowledgement details
  • within 60 to 90 days you will receive original aadhaar by postal
  • cut through the line shown there and keep laminated if you wish
  • keep the other part of card safe with you for further references

E-aadhaar for Those Who Didn’t got their Aadhaar Card After Registration

A happy news for all those who have not received their aadhaar Card After Registration via Akshaya centers. There may be reasons like problem with the postal department or server. For those members government introducing a new registration facility that i s known as e-aadhaar. If you give the details in the slip on the website for e-aadhaar you will get as PDF format file for aadhaar card.

You have to take out the print out of this one and keep it with you. It will be validated as equal to your original aadhaar. The aadhaar registration in Kerala is going to complete and it is 90% now. By this august the complete process will take place and Kerala will be a aadhaar completed state. By the launching of new e-aadhaar facility the government plans to give identification proof for 3.35 crore people.

How To Perform e-Aadhaar Registration?

if you have registered for your Aadhaar via akshaya center you may had received a registration slip at that time. If you have the list still you can take the e-Aadhaar now. Which is almost equal to the original Aadhaar card. You may not have received you card because of the problems in postal section or server fault.

E-aadhaar Steps and Guidelines to Register and Proceed

  • visit the site www.uidai. gov. in
  • go to the link “check your status”
  • here you can see whether you have approved for aadhaar card or not
  • if you have got approval visit the site www.eaadhaar.uidai. gov. in
  • give you enrollment number, time, date, pin code here
  • enter the letter given in the box as shown there
  • check your last numbers of mobile phone displaying there is right
  • if right click on “yes” option
  • if not right, click on “no” option and add your mobile number
  • just after 2 minutes you will receive a password as sms in your mobile
  • give this password in site and down load the e-aadhaar letter
  • to ope the PDF format  give your pin code as password
  • take a print out of PDF file now

Check You have Done Registration Properly

  • visit on the website  www.uidai.gov . in
  • click on the link “know your aadhaar status”
  • give your 14 digit number, date of enrollment, time,
  • you can see details about registration and whether they sent it in postal
  • if showing “not processed” it means you have entered details wrongly
  • if so you need to register again

What to do if You Lost Enrollment slip?

Just call in the toll free number “1800 4251 1800” and inform your name, house name, postal pin code, to know  your 4 digit number in enrollment list and you will get necessary information. Remember this number is not your aadhaar number.

How to Edit the Registered Details for Aadhaar

You have also chances to edit the information given already in the site. For doing this you have to give the proof of original details. Or you ca go to your near by akshaya center and after remitting a fee can proceed with editing. After editing get a print out of e- aadhaar. If you have more than one aadhaar card inform in the same toll free number and give back the extra card.

NPR and Aadhaar both Necessary ?

If you have got the NPR already no need to have aadhaar also. But those having aadhaar should have the NPR.

Clarify Your All Doubts Via:

  • Call toll free “1800 4251 1800”
  • {Kerala} “0471 155300”
  • Visit www.uidai.gov. in
  • Visit www.eaadhaar.uidai.gov. in
  • Visit www.kerala.gov. in (For kerala)

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