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Android M Launched By Google with Many New Features


Here is the first looks at Android M which is Launched By Google with Many New Features. This is the  first developer preview for use on test devices today by Google. There are so many changes to the app drawer, and to volume controls. This makes those devices more user-friendly than current available. 

Android M now makes it a lot easier to manage large app libraries. This Newly offered  volume controls allows you to control the volume on your device and this is not confusing. A special features available is “Google Now on Tap”. According to source, Android M will succeed Android Lollipop this year. 

Android 5.0 Lollipop received new design and interface arguably last year. Android M said to be the  Google’s most powerful release, with hundreds of platform improvements. The OS is focused on improving the stability and usability of the software and also to enhance the core user experience.

Android M

There is no details about the version number or name of M. Google may include  fingerprint scanners which is standardized across the whole platform with unique  range of features. Android Pay is another expecting option in Android M. This app will be supported on devices with NFC running Android KitKat and above. 

Improved battery life will be another promising option for Android M devices.  Since the beginning, Battery life has been something of concern for Android users. Android M may also support faster charging with USB-C support, and this is a new type of USB connector same like Apple’s Lightning connector. 

Another expecting feature of Android M is the redesigned apps permissions system. With this option, Users can easily approve or deny security permissions, such as camera or location access. Android M also features simplified volume controls, text selection working, granular control over the various audio settings etc. 


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