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Animatronics – Designing Process, Toys, Applications and Walt Disney’s World



Animatronics is a combination of animation and electronics. This technology used electronics to animate motorized puppets or figures. An animation figure is often used in movies to create grand special effects to it.

It usually reducing the amount of action scenes  more intellectually challenging elements like drama, character study or even social criticism. It is not only for kids, but also for everyone. It has a wide variety of genres, spanning from slice of life, to romance, to psychological horror, to politics, and to steam punk.

The person who designs, create and control the puppets or the figure used in animatronics are called puppeteer. A puppeteer is not only responsible for the inanimate puppets, but also give them a voice and tell them a good story too.

With the invention of animatronics, the entertainment world has got its own prominence among all other fields. One of the best example of animatronics is the film Jurassic Park . Jurassic Park film, two life sized Tyrannosaurus rex animatronics were constructed by Stan Winston Studios. There is a full sized gigantic animatronic were one forty foot long. This entire concept design stage took an entire year to complete.

Walt Disney’s World

The modern animatronics was started by Walt Disney. He is the first person who brings animatronics technology in the world in his Disneyland. His first animatronics figure name is The Enchanted Tiki Room. It was discovered in June 1963. Walt Disney World is an animatronics located in California. Today it is one of the most visited place in the world, because the animatronics were attracted by the visitors.

Today the most attracted anomatronics are still in Disneys park. There are four amusement parks are located in Disney’s world. More animatronics figures are located in the Downtown Disney. Disney’s built animatronics are as a form of real life animation. They are essentially used in taking the movies off on the screen and that make the three dimensional space.

Features of Animatronics

  • It is a mechanized puppet
  • It may be preprogrammed or remotely controlled.
  • It may only perform a limited range of movements.
  • It may be incredibly versatile

Applications in Animatronics

  • Animatonics are mainly used in entertainment field.
  • They are used to give special effects to movies.
  • Animatronics creatures are mainly used in disney land to entertain visitors.
  • Today the amuzment parks are used many type of anime figures in several rides like roller coasters, train rides, etc.

Formation of Animatronics

Animatronics are puppets or figures that are animated by using electronic technology. Animatronics is formed by different process. They are as follows.

  • Design Process
  • Scultpting
  • Mold Making
  • Armature Fabrication
  • Costuming
  • Programming

Designing Process

The first step of forming Animatronics is designing. Here the the client or animatronics company decides

  • What type of figure will be designed
  • What type of character will be given to that
  • Its appearance
  • Total number of movements of that figure
  • Quality of movements
  • What each type of moves will be, etc.


Sculpting is the second process. The persons who working under sulpting departments are responsible to convert the two dimensional animatronics into three dimensional. This team can work from photos, artwork, videos, models, statuettes and similar likenesses.

2.Mold Making

Mold making is the process used to duplicate the three dimension models or objects. Sculptor do the works of molding. It is artificial or technical process. They create the molds that will ultimately produced the animatronics character skin. The molds may be soft or hard, single or multiple pieces, and reusable or non-reusable. After completing the mold making, that is used to make the skins of the characters. This process is very complicated and time consuming.

3.Armature Fabrication

The next step is armature fabrication. The teams of armature specialists are responsible for delivering suitable armature for all characters. Various body armatures are being created and are assembled in the welding metal fabricating areas.These artisans are combining both art and technology to achieve realistic, lifelike moves.


The costumers is in charge on creating how a character looks and moves and guiding and representing those to others via character, emotion sheets, descriptions etc. The ability to convey ideas and focus on details is really the most important factor. They have the responsibility of designing characters to the animatronics figures.


Programming is the last process of animatronics. Programming can be done either at the manufacturing facility or at the final installation site. This is the important process of bringing the life of the animatronics character. Here all the individuals moves are coordinated into complex animated actions.

Examples of Animatronics Toys

Some examples of animatronic toys include the following.

  • Teddy Ruxpin
  • Big Mouth Bill
  • Bass
  • Kota the triceratops
  • Pleo
  • WowWee Alive Chimpanzee
  • Microsoft Actimates
  • Furby.


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