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Apple Released iTunes New Version



Apple Released iTunes New Version

Apple launches new version of iTunes media enterprise catching look, sleekness making it more familiar to company’s i Cloud internet storage service. It needs more time to reach the users. Severe enhanced modifications has made it more easier to find the contents innovating new material.

Such changes has made Apple a versatile . CEO Tim Cook  has made Apple A biggest seller in the market enhancing the customers to buy more of it. Moreover the company is having a volume of media of various Apple devices without endowing them into PC. i Cloud allows us to watch the movie from other device just from the same situation where we have stopped.

Around 435 million users has subscribed for it as it provides a passage for downloading music, movies,television shows and other software applications. Apple has almost generated $8.53 billion revenue from I tune services.

The new version is designed specially a prolonged change from spreadsheet format. Such sort of changes has made it more essential for providing information about musicians  movies and television shows. Added with new specific features it help the user to find new substitute.


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