Asus ROG G20CB Compact Gaming Desktop Launched

Asus ROG G20CB is the newly launched Compact Gaming Desktop in India. This is the latest product from company with appealing specifications and options. Compact Gaming Desktop packed with GeForce GTX1080 GPU as key specification. This is available to purchase across the country for starting price of Rs. 185990. 

Asus ROG G20CB Compact Gaming Desktop looks stunning and this gaming desktop categorized under its Republic of Gamers (ROG) series. The desktop is very efficient and powered by latest NVIDIA Pascal GeForce GTX 1080 GPU for high end performance including quality gaming and graphics needs. 

Asus ROG G20CB Compact Gaming Desktop

Asus ROG G20CB Compact Gaming Desktop

Asus ROG G20CB Compact Gaming Desktop is a large 9.5-litre gaming desktop for best experience. This is equipped with custom cooling module and a fanless power adapter. There is a high quality 6th generation Intel i7 Skylake processor for good performance. The light zones of the device are now fully customizable.

Asus ROG G20CB Compact Gaming Desktop offering 8 million colors in pulse, color cycle or music equalizer modes. The device is specially aimed at ultra-high-end gaming for game lovers. According to company claim this is eco-friendly with its Eco Energy Mode running at a mere 20W. Thus the product is capable of delivering energy savings of 50% better than other desktops. 

Asus ROG G20CB Compact Gaming Desktop looks hot and features matte-black finish and aggressive Mayan lines. All this is perfect for a gaming desktop. The GeForce GTXTM 1080 graphics card used in this device is specially made for superior heat dissipation using vapour chamber cooling technology. They have used premium materials with the construction of this desktop. 

Asus ROG G20CB Compact Gaming Desktop Price in India: Rs. 1,85990/-

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