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Best and Popular Sunglass Brands and Models For Men – 2017


Best and Popular Sunglasses Brands and Models For Men

Here we are introducing an article about best sunglasses for men. These sunglasses are leading and best selling in Indian market. Most of them gained good customer feedback. Some of them are expensive, but comes with high quality. These sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful reflections and sunlight. During the summer season, it is very essential item to use in outdoor. Our list covers 8 popular brands and their best sunglasses models. If you are searching for a good sunglasses, check out our list.


Ray Ban is a popular manufacturer of sunglasses. They are always top brand among sunglass brands. Many celebrities were using their sunglasses. They are well known for its aviator style. This brand is an expensive brand while comparing to other sunglasses brands. UV protection in the lenses, attractive and durable frame styles, less expensive with wide color range, easily available in online stores etc are top features of its sunglasses. Ray-Ban 0RB3025I003/3258 Aviator Sunglasses (Grey) and Ray-Ban 0RB3449 003/8G Aviator Sunglasses  (Grey) are the best selling models. The first is available at 5,564/- (approx) and the other is available at Rs. 4,842/-(approx). Both comes with attractive features like Grey lens color, silver frame color etc.


Fastrack is an another popular brand among the school and college guys. Its sunglasses are much more affordable than others. High definition lens material to block the UV rays, impact absorber frames and lenses, enhancing the clear vision through liquid fusion technology, Flexible and rubberized frames adding to the longevity etc. are the features of their sunglasses. Fastrack P089BR2 Wrap-around Sunglasses (Brown) and Fastrack P223GR1 Wrap-around Sunglasses (Green) are the two best selling models from this brand. The first one is available at Rs. 633/- (approx) and the second one is priced at Rs. 895/- (approx).


Oakley is known as one of the most premium sunglasses brands. Their sunglasses are famous among the athletes and sports person. This is the best option, while shooting, riding a bike, driving and hanging around the pool. It features maximizing the comfort, clarity, Plutonite lenses and protection of the eyes from sunlight and any forms of impact. Oakley 0OO9189 03 Rectangular Sunglasses (Brown) is priced at Rs. 6,451/-(approx) and Oakley 0OO9102 50 Wayfarer Sunglasses (Green) is available at Rs. 8,780/-(approx).


Idee is a popular brand of sunglasses, which stand at fourth in the list of  best sunglasses brands in India. Their sunglasses are less expensive, ranging from 1,475 Rupees to 2,875 Rupees for each pair. Besides, it is available in a wide range of colors and styles. More focus on fashion and style, vibrant colors that suits the personality, resistant proof frames with a much lighter weight, easily available in online stores etc. are the features of their sunglasses. IDEE 2000-C21 Aviator Sunglasses  (Multicolor, Silver) and IDEE 2000-C23-P Aviator Sunglasses  (Green) are the two best selling models. One is available at Rs. 1,650/- (approx) and another is priced at Rs. 1,750/- (approx).


Prada is considered as one of the sunglasses designer brand, which produce a number of sunglasses that are very much stylish and comes in vibrant colors. These products provide protection for the eyes from harmful reflections and sunlight. This brand has become the fifth position in the list. Match up with the expensive clothing, very stylish and available in brilliant colors,  polarized lenses etc. are the features of its sunglasses. Prada Black Wayfarer Sunglasses is a best selling product from this brand. Available at Rs. 13,144/-(approx).


Polaroid produces a wide range of sunglasses for all young and adult Indian users. This is considered as one of the oldest company that is offering the polarized sunglasses. It offers the flawless vision and also blocks the UV rays from damaging the eyes. Highly protective for the eyes, wide scale of colors that reflects the personality, less expensive, avoids the glare and make the vision much clearer etc. are the features of their sunglasses. Polaroid pld P4139 kih 58l6 Aviator Sunglasses (Red, Orange) is the best selling product from this brand. Available at Rs. 3,675/- (approx).


Gucci is an another sunglasses designer brand, whose glasses are famous for its oversized frames that provide a funky look to its owner. These sunglasses come with very elegant designs. Oversized frames to get a unique look, sense of association with the brand, wide variety and colors to match with the cloth line, to come in the category of premium customers etc. are the main features of their sunglasses. GUCCI GG 1001/S VD1 Rectangular Sunglasses (Brown) is the best selling product from this brand. Available at Rs. 8,448/- (approx).


Joe black is known as one of the best brands that is popular among the youth, which sell their sunglasses through great players like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong , Amazon etc. Light in weight due to the use of fiber, very well placed on e -commerce sites, reasonable with high affordability, polarised lenses to avoid glare, wide range of colors and frames that complement the look etc. are the features of their sunglasses. Joe Black 6280-C29 Wayfarer Sunglasses (Violet) and Joe Black JB-597-C4 Wayfarer Sunglasses  (Violet) are the best selling products from this brand. First one is available at Rs. 399/- (approx) and another is priced at Rs. 875/- (approx).


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