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Best Selling and Popular Helmets Under Rs. 5000 in India


Best Selling and Popular Helmets Under Rs. 5000 in India

Helmets are essential safety device for each and every two wheeler rider. This will assure protection to your head and prevents many fatal injuries. Here we are introducing an article about Best Selling and Popular Helmets Under Rs. 5000 in India. These brands are popular and gained good customer feedback. All are providing high quality helmets at affordable price range. Many of these brands are ISO certified too. If you are searching for a good helmet under Rs. 5000/-, check out our list and choose the best one for your need.

1. Vega

The Vega is considered as a pioneer brand, which was established in the year 1994. This brand manufactures world class helmets. They are providing quality products at most affordable price. They are the leading and reputed manufacturer of premier helmets in India. Vega Cruiser, Cliff, and Formula HP Motocraft etc are the models of this brand. Open Face Helmets, Off-Road Helmets, Full Face Helmets and mirrored shields, ear pads and snow accessories are the products of this brand.

Best helmet models of Vega

1. Vega Off Road D/V Gangster Motorsports Helmet – M (Black red) – Rs. 2,390/- (approx).

2. Vega Off Road D/V Motorbike Helmet – M  (Metallic Blue) – Rs. 2,040/- (approx).

3. Vega Off Road D/V Motorsports Helmet – M  (Dull Anthracite) – Rs. 2,090/- (approx).

4. Vega Off Road Ranger Motorsports Helmet – M  (White Green) – Rs. 2,096/- (approx).

5. Vega Off Road D/V Gangster Motorbike Helmet – M  (Black Blue) – Rs. 2,096/- (approx).

2. Studds

The Studds is known as world’s largest helmet manufacturer. The Studds Accessories Ltd. is one of the well-recognized exporters and producer of high-quality helmets. Their product range includes Full Face Helmets, Motorcycle Luggage, Open Face Helmets, Sporting Helmets and Industrial Helmets. Their testing laboratory is approved by BIS INDIA and IDIADA SPAIN. The company has a significant global presence in more than 35 countries. Ninja Series, Professional Full face, Chrome Elite and Motocross are the models of this brand.

Best helmet models of Studds

1. Studds downtown full face Motorbike Helmet – L  (matt black) – Rs. 2,050/- (approx).

2. Studds Downtown Full Face Motorsports Helmet – L  (MATT BLACK) – Rs. 2,195/- (approx).

3. Studds Ninja 3G Double Visor Motorsports Helmet – XL  (Matt Black) – Rs. 2,045/- (approx).

4. Studds Shifter Motorsports Helmet – L  (MATT BLACK)- Rs. 2,030/- (approx).

5. Studds Scorpion with Mirror Visor Motorsports Helmet – L  (Matt Black)- Rs. 2,040/- (approx).

3. LS2

The LS2 is a brand, which was established in the year 1990 by Arthur Liao. They produce high-precision and excellent products. The external shell, shock absorbing EPS liner and the numerous accessories are three main elements used for producing their helmets. Their  products come with 5-year limited warranty. The 569.The 1 Scape FF 352-L and FF 350 Atmos are the helmet models of this brand.

Best helmet models of LS2

1. LS2 Dyno Motorbike Helmet – XL  (Black, Yellow, Fluo) – Rs. 4,400/- (approx).

2. LS2 Ranger Motorbike Helmet – L  (Black, Matt Silver) – Rs. 4,400/- (approx).

3. LS2 FF352 Rookie Fan Motorbike Helmet – XL  (Yellow Matt)- Rs. 4,400/- (approx).

4. LS2 Bulky Motorbike Helmet – XL  (Black, Matt Orange) – Rs. 4,400/- (approx).

5. LS2 FF352 Motorbike Helmet – XL (Matt Yellow) – Rs. 4,950/- (approx).

4. Steelbird

The Steelbird is considered as one of the oldest manufacturers of Helmets, which was founded in the year 1964. The SBHT is a flagship company of Steelbird Group of Industries. This company manufactures quality helmets, which offer maximum safety and comfort to users. This is a one-stop-shop for riders to choose helmets, jackets, goggles, gloves, pannier boxer and suits. Their helmet features anti-glare, anti-scratch and anti-fog visors.

Best helmet models of Steelbird

1. Steelbird 42 Airborne Motorbike Helmet – L  (Mat White and Green) – Rs. 2,299/- (approx).

2. Steelbird SB-41 Ares Track Motorbike Helmet – L  (SB-41 Ares Track Glossy Black)- Rs. 2,999/- (approx).

3. Steelbird Adonis Classic Full Face Helmet (Black, L)- Rs. 798/- (approx).

4. Steelbird Air SBA-1 Dashing Full Face Helmet (Black, L)- Rs. 1,448/- (approx)

5. Steelbird Helmet SBA-1 Free Live with Smoke Visor and Matt Finish (Medium 580MM, Black with Grey) – Rs. 1,729/- (approx).

5. Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield is a well known Indian motorcycle manufacturing company. This world’s oldest motorcycle company was founded in the year 1893 and headquartered in Chennai, India. This brand is popular for its classy bikes. They also produce unique helmets and other bike accessories. For more information, log on to Royal Enfield.

Best helmet models of Royal Enfield

1. Royal Enfield Classic Jet Camo MLAG Motorbike Helmet – M  (Battle Green) – Rs. 2,900/- (approx).

2. Royal Enfield Classic Jet MLG Motorbike Helmet – M  (Desert Storm) – Rs. 2,700/- (approx).

3. Royal Enfield Classic Jet MLG Motorbike Helmet – L  (Desert Storm) – Rs. 2,700/- (approx).

4. Royal Enfield Classic Jet MLG Motorbike Helmet – M  (Battle Green) – Rs. 2,700/- (approx).

5. Royal Enfield Street mono Motorbike Helmet – M  (Gloss Black) – Rs. 3,500/- (approx).

6. THH

The THH stands for Tong Ho Hsing. This  ISO certified company manufacturing approximately 60,000 helmets in a month. Their product has undergone rigorous testing before marketing. This is a Taiwan brand, which was founded in the year 1974. Its products are designed by using modern 3d modeling and finite element analysis, using CNC equipment and made up from material like carbon fiber kevlar etc.

Best helmet models of THH

1. THH TS-41 A+ Black Red Destroy (M) Motorbike Helmet – M  (Black, Red) – Rs. 4,200/- (approx).

2. THH Poker Motorbike Helmet – M  (Red, Black) – Rs. 4,200/- (approx).

3. THH – Open Face Helmet – Star Seven (Black Base) [Standard : 57 – 59 cms] – Rs. 1,499/- (approx).

4. THH – Full Face Helmet – Ghost Rider (Black) [Standard : 57 – 59 cms] – Rs. 3,870/- (approx).

5. THH – Motocross Helmet – TX-13(#2) Velocity [Standard:57-59cms] – Rs. 3,772/- (approx).

7. Wrangler

The Wrangler is known as one of the respectable brands of helmet manufacturing and exporting. They provide a wide array of helmets across all price ranges, design and colors. They gained huge client base as well as respectable name in India. They manufacture Moped Helmets, Motorcycle Helmets, Designer Helmets, Full Face Helmets, Safety Helmets etc to the riders.

Best helmet models of Wrangler

1. Wrangler Beetle – Open Face Helmet Black L – Rs. 550/- (approx).

2. Wrangler Rush – Open Face Helmet Black L – Rs. 850/- (approx).

3. Wrangler Endeavor – Open Face Helmet Black M – Rs. 750/- (approx).

4. Wrangler Gold – Full Face Helmet Black L – Rs. 780/- (approx).

5. Wrangler Endeavor with Visor – Open Face Helmet Black L – Rs. 821/- (approx).

8. Aerostar

The Aerostar is an ISO certified company with ISI marked helmets. The company was set up in the year 1995. Full Face Helmets, Open Face Helmets, etc. are produced by this brand. They are the largest manufacturer of motorcycle helmets and boxes. This is one of the India’s fastest growing helmet brands. Their factory is situated near Delhi Airport in 6 acre plot. They also produce two-wheeler accessories such as Helmet Locking Devices and Motorcycle Side Boxes, at affordable prices.

Best models of Aerostar

1. Aerostar Eco Helmet [1E] – Rs. 400/- (approx)

2. Aerostar Golfi Decalopen Helmet [1Q] – Rs. 741/- (approx).

3. Aerostar Gts Helmet [1A] – Rs. 600/- (approx)

4. Aerostar Golfi Decalopen Helmet [1Q] – Rs. 741/- (approx).

5. Aerostar Spyno Helmet [2D] – Rs. 422/- (approx).


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