Bionic Spine – Developed by Australian Scientists for Paralysed Patients to Walk

Bionic Spine is the latest technology introduced for paralysed patients as it is Developed by Australin scientists for patients to walk. This is a special device which can be inserted in the brain without any surgery. Bionic Spine supports the paralysed patients to operate robotic limbs “using thought alone”.

According to scientist Bionic Spine is ready to  be implanted in three paraplegic patients in Melbourne next year as experiment. A team of team of 39 scientists developed this. So patients can subconsciously control equipment that can move robotic limbs. 

Bionic Spine (2)

Bionic Spine is a  one-inch stent which can be placed alongside the brain’s motor cortex, in total contains 12 electrodes. The device can be inserted via a catheter into a vein in the neck and reach up to the cortex. Here no need of risky brain surgery.

Bionic Spine is connected with a recording device. The stent used in this capable of receive electrical signals emitted from the cortex. This can also send them to a device implanted in the shoulder of patient.

Bionic Spine (1)

Scientist made the world’s only minimally invasive device for this purpose. So this can be implanted into a blood vessel in the brain without dangers. Hope, Soon we can see paralysed patients walks with the help of such device. 

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