BMW Reveled Their Fourth i Eco Friendly Car


BMW Reveled Their Fourth i Eco Friendly Car

BMW arrives with it’s new launch i3 Coupe a fourth concept in model range after i3 hatchback, i8 coupe and i8 Spyder roadster. i3 Coupe is a three door hatchback having five door version. It has been a greatest world prefix to 2012. BMW’s interior is an updated version.

It has three step driving viz: Comfort, Eco Pro, Eco Pro+ providing 90 kph speed.The i3 has certain similar figures like 2,570 mm wheelbase length body is adapted with carbon fiber reinforced plastics and 170hp/ 250 Nm electric motor having 160 km driving capacity.

Would i3 Convertible catch next series?

No matter electric vehicles will secure inroads next year itself. The first i3 with five door hatch will be on sale from next year. Soon it will catch the hearts of millions.

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  1. Graciela
    February 22, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    BMW is the best car makers in world

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