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Carborundum Universal Limited – Complete Company Information


Carborundum Universal Ltd ( CUMI ) is a largest manufacturer of coated and bonded abrasives in India. The headquarters of the company is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They are the provider of ceramics for industrial applications, in grinding and polishing, heat and water resistance as well as a range of other applications.

This company has grown consistently into a technology oriented solutions. Today they have a strong presence coated and bonded abrasives in India in addition to the manufacture of super refractories, electro-cast refractories, electro minerals, industrial ceramics and ceramic fibres.

Today, the company’s range of more than 20,000 product varieties is manufactured in seven manufacturing locations across various parts of the country. CUMI’s products are exported to 43 countries spread across North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Asia.

CUMI recorded a turn over of RS. 30,023 Crores during 2016-17. It was Rs. 29,395 core in the previous year. Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation ( EBITDA ) posted a growth of 34% at Rs. 4,065 Crores , In the previous year it was Rs. 3,032 Crores. Profit before tax increases to 59%, it rises from Rs. 1,873 Crores to Rs. 2,973 Crores. The company has a market capital of Rs 6504.26 Crore.


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