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Communication Network Design – Complete Details


Communication Network Design

Communication network means planning of the implementation of network infrastructure for communication. Efficient communication network design is the success of the business of any organisation. These are designed by network designers, IT administrators or an engineer who performs the systematic process for accessing and creating communication networks for those who wanted for their implementation of commercial and residential technology needs.

Communication network in an organisation helps to improve the persons to persons relationship which are 2 types, Formal and Informal. Formal communication network depends on the location of workers, rules of communication and the status of employees. Informal communication may be either business related or not. These communications are made through electronic mails, text messages and phone calls between socializing employees.

Communications can be made through voice, data, audio or video, etc. If you want to improve your business or organisational technology needs which is applicable only through the successful use of network. Some essential components needed for this are technology, security, access, performance and scale of information.

The communication network connects people, applications and services. The effective design of a network is critical for the successful business of both large and small enterprisers. The main components of network designs are high availability, scalability, security and manageability.

This creates a communication path and services  between employees, processes, applications, services and external network in a business organisations. If you want to run your business smoothly which requires a efficient communication network. This helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of the business organisation.


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