Compare Suzuki Let’s Scooter Vs Suzuki Swish Vs Suzuki Access

Compare Suzuki Let’s Scooter Vs Suzuki Swish Vs Suzuki Access

Suzuki Let's Scooter vs Suzuki Swish vs Suzuki Access

Suzuki Let’s Scooter is an entry level 110cc scooter from the famous manufacturer Suzuki Motorcycles.  Presently the company have two scooters in their portfolio. They are the Suzuki Access and Swish. Both are good in sales all over the country. Most them may have a confusion to choose the best from Suzuki, among the Suzuki Access 125 and Suzuki Swish 125.

Look, Style and Dimensions

Let’s scooter is presenting with a stylish and quality compact body shell which is formed out of plastic. Look and style of the new model is entirely different from the from Swish and  Access model. The taillight design is really eye catching. A stylish silencer and halogen head lamp also fitted in this. It measures 1810mm x 660 mm x 1120 mm and 1250 mm wheelbase. Ground clearance is 160mm. It weights just 98 kg.

The scooter Access look stylish by its design and color combinations. Good built quality and best mileage are the main highlights for this scooter.  The scooter weights 109kg with dimensions of 1780.00 mm x 650.00 mm x 1125.00 mm (length x width x height). The ground clearance of this scooter is 160mm. The scooter available in single variant and you have 5 color choices to select.

External look of swish is sporty and younger when comparing with the access from suzuki. The clear lens, dual tone graphics, digital speedometer, V-shaped front all these adding to the charm of this scooter. Suzuki Swish 125 look stylish and weights 110kg. The dimensions are 1780.00 mm x 650.00 mm x 1140.00 mm(length x width x height). 160mm ground clearance is really good from this scooter.

Engine Performance and Mileage

Suzuki Let’s Scooter packed with an efficient  a single cylinder, air cooled, 2 valve engine. The engine can churns out 8.7 bhp power and 9.0Nm of torque on ride. It is mated with the Continuously Variable Transmission box. 63kmpl is the company assured overall mileage. You can expect 48 KMPL in city and on highways 63 KMPL.

Suzuki Access 125cc scooter powered by a 124cc, OHC engine that can produce power of 8.58 bhp at 7000 rpm and a torque of 9.8 nm at 6500 rpm on ride to the wheels. The engine mated with automatic gears. Offered mileage is 51kmpl in highway and 42kmpl in city.

Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter is powered by the same engine of Suzuki access, 124cc, OHC engine that is capable to give you 124cc displacement, power of 8.58 bhp at 7000 rpm and a torque of 9.8 nm at 6500 rpm on ride. The  scooter features automatic gears. Suzuki Swish 125 can offer 50 kmpl mileage  in highway and 40 kmpl in city.

Safety and Comfort Features

Let’s scooter  just weights 98kg. It features a 5.2ltrs fuel tank. For safety the company used win drum brake system along with powerful suspension. For extra stability and performance on roads it comes with telescopic suspension in front and at rear there is oil-damped coil spring suspension.  The Cut away floor board fitted in this for easy handling. A powerful Bright halogen headlamp and large and comfortable seats are perfect for your travel needs. A stand alarm and low fuel indicator also adding to your comfort and safety needs.

Suzuki Swish 125 features Telescopic Coil Spring suspension in front and rear you have Swing-arm. 120mm drum brakes used in front and rear of this scooter. The scooter features alloys, passenger foot rest, self start etc. You have 20litrs of under seat storage space also. The bike is really smooth and comfortable to ride on roads.

Braking and handling is really good  with 130mm drm brakes used in rear and front. Suspension is telescopic in front and swing arm in rear. It features self start, analogue fuel gauge and speedometer, alloys, passenger footrest, low fuel and battery indicator,tubeless tyres etc. You have more than 20 litres of storage space under seat. With all these feature you can assure a good travel with safety on Suzuki Access 125.

Comparison Between Suzuki Let’s Vs Swish Vs Access

Engine performance and mileage

Technical Specifications

Suzuki Let’s

Suzuki Access 125cc

Suzuki Swish 125cc

Engine 4 stroke, SOHC, 2 valve, one cylinder air cooled engine 124cc, OHC engine 124cc, OHC engine
Displacement 112.8cc 124cc 124cc
Max power 8.7 BHP @ 7500 rpm 8.58 bhp at 7000 rpm 8.58 bhp at 7000 rpm
Max torque 9 NM @ 5500 rpm 9.8 nm at 6500 rpm 9.8 nm at 6500 rpm
  • 48km in city
  • 63km on Highway
  •  51kmpl in highway
  • 42 kmpl in city
  • 50 kmpl in highway
  • 40 kmpl in city
Gears and Transmission CVT (Automatic transmission) Automatic Automatic
Top Speed NA NA NA
Look, style and Dimensions Length x width x height(mm) 1810mm x 660 mm x 1120 mm 1780.00 mm x 650.00 mm x 1125.00 mm 1780.00 mm x 650.00 mm x 1140.00 mm
Wheelbase 1250 mm 1250.00 mm 1250.00 mm
Weight 98 kg 109kg 110kg
Headlamp and Battery Maintenance free – 12v 35/35w Maintenance free – 12v 35/35w Maintenance free – 12v 35/35w
  • 90/100-10 tubeless: rear
  • 90/100-10 tubeless: front
  • 90/100-10mm in front
  • Rear 90/100-10 mm


  • 90/100-10mm in front
  • Rear 90/100-10 mm
Fuel gauge and Trip Meter NA NA NA
Speedometer Analogue Analogue Analogue
Tachometer Analogue Analogue Analogue
Ground Clearance 160mm 160mm 160mm
Fuel tank 5.2ltrs 6.40 ltrs 6.00 ltrs
Safety and comfort features Suspension front Telescopic coil spring oil damped Telescopic coil spring oil damped Telescopic coil spring oil damped
Suspension rear swing arm type coil spring oil damped swing arm type coil spring oil damped swing arm type coil spring oil damped
Starting system Electric and kick Electric and kick Electric and kick
Pass-light Yes Yes Yes
Low Fuel Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Stand alarm Yes Yes Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Wheel type Casting Wheel Alloys Alloys
Brake: front Drum 120mm Drum 120mm Drum 120mm
Brake: rear Drum 120mm Drum 120mm Drum 120mm
Passenger back rest No No No
Tubeless Yes Yes Yes
Passenger footrest Yes Yes Yes
Colors Available Shades Red, blue, white, black and silver Candy Red, Pearl White, Metallic Silver, Metallic Grey and Pearl Black Blue, White, Black, Red, Grey

Price in India: (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

  • Suzuki Swish 125                       Rs. 47,000/-
  • Suzuki Access 125                      Rs. 46,000/-
  • Suzuki Let’s Scooter                  Rs. 44,000/- Expected

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