Home Technology Data logger – Data Recorder : Types, Mode of Working and Applications

Data logger – Data Recorder : Types, Mode of Working and Applications


Data logger

A data logger is an electronic device that records data over time. Data logging is the task of measuring and recording physical or electrical parameters over a period of time. To measure and record this environmental parameters data logger are used. Data logger can measure different types of signals including Temperature, Voltage, Current, etc.

Data logger are typically compact, battery-powered devices equipped with an internal microprocessor, data storage, and one or more sensors. Data logger will be connected to a computer using USB interface. data logger software is used to select logging parameters and activate the logger. After that disconnect the logger and keep it in a location where you want to measure the signals.

Now the data logger will record each measurement and store it in a memory along with time and date. after the desired time reconnect the data logger to the computer and read the data and display the measurements in graphs that show profiles over time.

A data logger accepts an input, which is fed into an analog-to-digital converter prior to analysis and storage. Digital signals can be understood by computers. This method has advantages in accuracy and resolution. Software should be compatible with Windows 98, NT SP6, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Requires 70mb of hard drive space.

Stand-Alone data logger A traditional data logger that measure signals, convert them to digital data, and store the data to internal memory. Data must be physically transferred to a PC for visualization, analysis, and permanent storage.

PC-Based data logger  It is a combination of a data acquisition device(used to easily collecti automatic data) and a PC. Because the PC is actually a part of the system, the data logger can take advantage of the ever-increasing performance of the PC processor, hard drive, display, and I/O bus.

Some of the applications of Data logger

  • Environmental Research
  • Energy Auditing
  • Unattended weather station recording
  • Water level monitoring for groundwater studies
  • Water Quality
  • Agricultural Research
  • Air Quality monitoring
  • Mobile/ Vehicle test application
  • Electric utility application
  • Measure variations in light intensity
  • Process industry application
  • Unattended gas pressure recording
  • Preservation management
  • Mining industry application


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