Home Technology DOEL G2T Electric Scarf – wearable device launched for Rs. 15000

DOEL G2T Electric Scarf – wearable device launched for Rs. 15000


Have you heard about the DOEL G2T Electric Scarf aka Personal AC. This is a feature rich product with appealing specifications and options. DOEL G2T Electric Scarf  looks stunning and this heating and cooling wearable device available to purchase in India for Rs. 15000. DOEL offers this Personal AC with an adjustable neck design.

Simply this is a Personal AC with cooling and heating 2-in-1 wearable that comes with thermo electric technology and 3D reflux airflow system. It has both cooling and heating benefits. The Heating benefits includes Increased blood flow in the neck decreasing pain, stiffness and restore your energy. 

doel-g2t-electric-scarf-1 doel-g2t-electric-scarf-2

DOEL G2T Electric Scarf can Increase circulation of blood lymph and has a sedating and relaxing effect on nerves. This product Helps in sleeping better. It can help you to say goodbye to illness by raising the body temperature. 

DOEL G2T Electric Scarf offers various Cooling benefits too. This includes Quick cool down in case of heat stroke. This can easily Sooth headache of having a fever. The device capable of Providing relief from hot flashes of Menopause. 

The DOEL G2T electric scarf / Personal AC comes in Red, Yellow, and White color variants. You can buy the DOEL G2T Electric Scarf for Rs. 15,000. This comes with 1-year warranty also. Overall this is highly useful portable product for those who have various health problems. 

DOEL G2T electric scarf Price in India: Rs. 15,000/-


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