Home Business Duravit Sanitaryware Pvt Ltd – Full Company Information

Duravit Sanitaryware Pvt Ltd – Full Company Information


Duravit Sanitaryware Pvt Ltd – Full Company Information

Duravit AG is primarily a manufacturer of porcelain bathroom fittings, which was established in the year 1817. It is headquartered in Hornberg, Germany. The key people are Thomas Stammel, Dr. Reinhard K. Volk and Prof. Dr. Frank Richter (CEO). Duravit India Private Limited is the main producer of bidets, bathtub and washbasin in Anand, Gujarat.

They are one of the best as Jacuzzi Dealers, Bathroom Hot Tub Dealers, Sanitary Ware Fitting Dealers, Bathroom Cabinets & Vanity Dealers,  Bathroom Fitting Dealers and Hand Dryer Dealers. Their Bathroom ceramics includes Sinks, Console basins, Toilets, Bidets, Urinals etc. Bathroom furniture like Cabinets, mirrors, consoles, vanity units are other products.

They also makes Tubs & Showers like Bath tubs, Showers and Shower screens. Their Well-being products are various Pools, Sauna und Steam showers. The shower toilet is their new product for that freshly-washed feeling. In 2013, Duravit AG had 5,700 employees. For more about Duravit AG, visit http://duravit.com.

The company offers Intelligent products for beautiful, functional, comfortable and sustainable bathrooms that ensure wellbeing for many years to come. Bathroom ceramics offered by this brand includes Washbasins, Washbowls & Console basins, Vanity basins, Furniture basins, Urinals, Toilets / WCs and Bidets. 

Distribution companies of Duravit AG are located at Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Middle East, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Egypt, China, Brazil, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Belgium/Luxembourg, Denmark/Norway, Saudi Arabia, Spain and USA. There are 9 manufacturing facilities possessed by Duravit.


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