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Famous and Reputed Best 10 Universities in World


Famous and Reputed Best 10 Universities in World

Best 10 Universities in World – full listing of these top 10 universities is here. Times Higher Education, London based magazine from Thomas Reuters has revealed it’s third annual reputation calibrating the performance of the universities targeting towards research, teaching, knowledge empowerment, and worldwide outlook. These top universities are most trusted by academics, students, university leaders, governments.

Most Popular 10 Universities To Study

The results of Times Higher Education are based in terms of global poll carried out by Thomson Reuters through Academic reputation survey according to universities excellent performance. United states and United kingdom’s universities has defeated the rest of the world’s colleges & universities by acquiring world’s top most reputation ranking as per Times Higher Education 2013  among the world’s top universities.

Below I have enlisted top and Best 10 Universities in World. The results will may change in future. To get a chance to study in one of the universities is a lucky thing. Understand in detail about those most reputed universities.

1. Harvard University

 Harvard University

Harvard University is established in 1636 and is situated in Cambridge. This reputed institution was founded by young minister John Harvard of Charlestown. This one is considered as the oldest institution for imparting higher education. Harvard university is providing an excellent methodology of teaching, learning & research which initiates the budding philosophers, historians, scientists, researchers, and students with other such disciples.

The university is equipped with many programs starting from humanities, to medical science, law, engineering courses. Harvard university is associated with Cambridge, Boston, Massachusetts. Harvard is equipped with 20,000 students including graduate, undergraduate,and other professional students. The university is having more than 360,000 alumni across the world.

Harvard University at a Glance:

Faculty members

  • 2,100 Faculty associates and 10,000 Academic sessions in teaching
  • 44 former and current faculty members

Faculty, School & Institutes of Harvard

  • 11 principal academic units
  • Ten faculty & Radcliffe institute for advanced courses
  • Ten oversea schools & divisions for various courses & academic degrees


  • About 6,700 students in college
  • 14,500 students for graduate & professional studies
  • 21,000 total students

 Library Collections

  • Around 17 million volumes

Financial aspects of Undergraduate courses & other financial assistance

  • Students with scholarship should pay an average of $11,500 annually
  • 60% of students are achieving scholarship aids, $40,000 is granted to this year
  • Students whose family income is below $65,000 and $150,000 will have to pay 0 to 10 percent from their income

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is located in Cambridge, United States founded in 1861. It is incorporated with Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MIT has been led by 17 Presidents. This University occupied with engineering, scientific studies. MIT provides lots of opportunities to grow, step into the outer world and experience the diversification.

It offers wide range of activities that supports students, faculty members with educational activities such as Open course ware, MITx & edX that create wonders among the people and across the world with the help of technologies reaching both far and near people.

MIT at a Glance:

 Faculty members

  • Professors:1,022
  • Teaching staff:731
  • Employees:11000

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Major programmes: 46
  • Minor programmes: 49

Campus Features

  • 19 students residences
  • 168 acres campus
  • 26 acres playing field

MIT Honors

  • 41 MacArthur Fellows
  • 53 National Medal of Science winners
  • 27 National Medal of Technology and Innovation winners
  • 78 Nobel Laureates

Students as per Academic year: 2012-2013

Undergraduates: 4,503

  • Women: 2,038 (45%)
  • Minorities: 2,250 (50%)

Graduate students: 6,686

  • Women: 1,338(20%)
  • Minorities: 2,084 (31%)

International Students, 2012–2013

  • Undergraduates: 448
  • Graduate students: 2,656
  • Exchange, visiting, special students: 414

Undergraduate Expenses:2012-2013

  • Tuition fees: $42,050
  • Room, board & fees: $12,188

Financial Assistance for Undergraduate students:2012-2013

  • Families who earns $75,000 annually: 28%
  • Scholarship awarded students from MIT: 61%
  • Average financial assistance package: $40,086
  • Students those who receive financial assistance from other sources: 89%

3. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

Cambridge university is located in England, United kingdom and is established in c. 1209 equipped with 18,000 students and 3,500 international students. International summer school has been conducted by Cambridge university through Institute of continuing education center for part time study. There are six schools in Cambridge university namely: Arts and Humanities, Humanities and Social Sciences, Biological sciences, Physical science, technology, Clinical medicine.

Cambridge University At a Glance:

Academic staff

  • 5,999


  • 18,448
  • Undergraduates: 12,077
  • Postgraduates: 6,371


  • £9,000 for full time programme
  • College residences fees between £70 and £115 a week


  • 114 libraries, eight specialist museums and collections, and the university botanic garden
  • Student rooms are connected to the university network and wireless hotspots are provided by the university
  •  Uni4 bus service connects  departments and colleges, and a discounted fare is provided to students

4. Oxford University

Oxford University

Oxford university is located in London, England and teaching in Oxford started  at 1096. Oxford university is the world’s third oldest university in which twenty six British prime ministers, 30 world leaders, 20 archbishops, 12 saints were Oxonians. Oxford is a member of Rusell group. Oxford university consists of 38 colleges with six permanent private halls. Research degrees , Master’s and doctoral level are conferred in all subjects.

Oxford University at a Glance:

 Number of Students

  • 21,535
  • Undergraduates:11,723
  • Postgraduates: 9,327


  • £3,500 to £9,000 for full-time undergraduates in 2013-14 based on household income
  • If household income is  £16,000 or less bursary is given worth   £4,300 in a year
  • All students with household income less than  £42,612 bursary is provided
  • If household income is less than £16,000 (Moritz-Heyman scholarship) consisting annual bursary of   £5,500

Accomodation fees

  •  £140 approx. a week over 26 (term-time) weeks


  • 100 separate libraries
  •  Four major museums, as well as botanic gardens
  • A vast number of departments and colleges
  • Sports facilities and IT options and support

5. University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley:

University of California, Berkeley is located in Berkeley, California, United states. California university was established in 1868. California university is famous as this university has invented Vitamin E. University of California doesn’t offer medical studies which has been offered by University of California, San Francisco.

California University is famous for center of research. Berkeley, California university offers full-time, four-year undergraduate program, 108 degrees in the arts and sciences and has high graduate coexistence. Graduate program includes comprehensive doctoral program with 64 masters programs, 32 professional programs, 96 doctoral programs. From California University 20 faculty members have become Nobel laureates.

California university at a Glance:

Number of Students

  • 36,142 students in 2011 , 25,885 undergraduates and 10,257 pursuing graduate degrees
  • Undergraduates: 53% Female, 47% male
  • Graduate: 55% male & 45% male


  • Bachelor’s, 7,466
  • Master’s and professional degrees
  • 2,480; Doctoral, 905


  • 1,582 fulltime and 500 part-time faculty members
  • 80 interdisciplinary research units

Fees & Financial Assistance

  • 64% students are receiving financial aid
  • 37% are eligible for financil aid whose family income is less than $45,000
  • Average undergraduate students budget living in campus is $55,512, living off the campus is $51,040 & students living with relatives is $46,372

6. Stanford university

Stanford university

Stanford university is located in between of San Francisco & San Jose founded by Leland & Jane Stanford. San Francisco is the world’s renowned teaching and research center. Stanford is considered as the world’s topmost leading research center. Courses starting from humanities, social science to engineering are offered.

There are seven schools in Stanford including business, earth science, education, Law, medicine, Engineering,humanities & science. Stanford is considered as world’s third richest university with it’s alumni founded in  Hewlett-Packard(hp) and Google. Stanford university teaches around 7,000 undergraduate and around 4,000 graduate students.

Stanford at a Glance:

Number of Students

  • Undergraduates: 6,999
  • Graduates: 8,871


  • 5,100 externally sponsored projects
  • $1.27 billion total budget for research


  • 1,995 faculty members
  • 5:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 19 Nobel laureates

Degrees offered by Stanford:

M.D., M.B.A., J.D., J.S.D., J.S.M., LL.M., M.F.A., M.L.S., M.L.A., M.P.P., ENG, B.A., B.S., B.A.S., M.A., M.S., Ph.D., D.M.A


  • $41,250 (vary based on Course)
  • $304.3 million for research and programs
  • $70.8 million in student assistance
  • $62.1 million for faculty support and $102.1 million

7. Princeton University

Princeton University

Princeton University is the fourth oldest college in United States located at Princeton, New Jersey and was founded in 1746.  Princeton university provides courses from  undergraduate & graduate levels from humanities, natural science, life science, social science to engineering courses. Princeton is famous among research universities. Princeton is equipped with 1,100 faculty members & 2,500 graduates.

Doctoral education is designated to all disciplines with scholarships. Masters degree is provided to engineering, architecture, public affairs, finance, public policy, public & other professional courses. Princeton lacks schools of medicines, law, business but it provides professional degrees through Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the School of Architecture, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

Princeton at a Glance:

Students enrollment:

  • 5,000 undergraduate students
  • 2,500 graduate students
  • 5,249 enrolled
  • 51% male & 49% female


  • 1,100 faculty members, full time, part time & visiting include 1,148 members
  • More than 13 million in 11 libraries
  • 34 departments
  • 46 interdisciplinary certificate programmes


  • Tuition fees: $40,170
  • Board rate: $5,860
  • Room charge: $7,220
  • Miscellaneous expenses: $3,500

Financial assistance

  • Undergraduate students on financial aid: 60 percent
  • Average financial aid for 2016 class: $39,700
  • Financial aid provided on the basis of family financial circumstances
  • Financial aid package to class of 2016 is $39,700

8. University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA is a research university located in Westwood, Los Angeles, Clifornia, United States. UCLA was established in 1882 and in 1919 UCLA became the second UC campus.  UCLA is equipped with  five undergraduate colleges, seven professional schools, and four professional health science schools.

UCLA campus is divided into campus namely north campus and south campus. North campus offers courses for social sciences, law, and business programs,  arts, humanities. South campus provides courses like  mathematical sciences, health-related fields, and the UCLA Medical Center,  physical sciences, life sciences, engineering, psychology.

University of California, Los Angeles at a glance:


  • 39,945
  • Undergraduates: 27,941
  • Graduates: 12,004


  • Thirteen noble leaureates
  • 4000 faculty members
  • 26,941 administrative staff


  • Graduate level fees for resident is $14,809.19 & non-resident is $ 29,911.19
  • Undergraduate level fee for resident is $ 14,010.13 & non-resident is $ 36,888.13

Financial aids

  • Merit students are given stipends
  • Loans and work study awards

9. University of Tokyo

University of Tokyo

University of  Tokyo is known as Todai in Japan and was established in 1877 ,located at Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. Todai is the research university and is providing courses to various disciplines among graduate and undergraduate levels. Tokyo university is equipped with 10 faculties , 30000 students, & 2,100 non-residents.

Tokyo university is famous for world class research center. University of Tokyo is ranked highest among all other universities in Asia. All courses are provided from Humanities , Law, politics, medicine to Engineering level as well as eleven research institutes including cosmic rays and earthquakes are undertaken.

University of Tokyo at a glance

 Students enrollment

  • 28,672 regular students
  • Undergraduates: 14,274
  • Postgraduates: 13,732
  • Doctoral students: 6,022
  • Research students: 747


  • 2,429 full-time
  • 175 part-time
  • 5,779 administration staff

Fees & Financial assistance

  • MA & professional degree, PhD courses and PhD courses in veterinary medicine and medicine courses include ¥282,000
  • Research students require ¥28,900 / month & ¥14,800 / credit
  • Examination fee 10,000 Yen , Japanese government has exempted scholarship students from giving examination fees as well as entrance fees, annual tuition fees.
  • Entrance fee is 282,000 Yen
  • Annul tuition fees is 535,800 yen( M.A.S), 520,800 yen (Ph.D programs)

10. Yale university

Yale university

Yale university is America’s third old university established in 1701 located at New Haven, Connecticut. Yale university is the second largest academic institution in the world. Yale university consists of three academic sessions namely Yale college (undergraduate program), graduate school of arts and science, & professional school.  Yale is equipped with library, museums and administrative support offices.

Yale university at a glance


  • Undergraduate:5,332
  • Graduates & professionals:6,526
  • International students:2,072


  • 3,953 faculty members
  • 9,183 staff members
  • 3,619 academic staff

Tuition fees & financial aids:

  • Tuition for full-time study in the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is $36,500
  • Doctoral students are offered twelve month stipend
  • Students who are not having sufficient resources can apply for financial assistance
  • Doctoral student’s financial aid in Yale totals more than $290,000


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