Flying Fox in Kerala: An Adventure Sports Item Complete Details

Flying Fox in Kerala: An Adventure Sports Item Complete Details

Kerala the “Gods on country” has an unchallenged position in the world tourism. Every year it hosts lakh of tourists. It is not only the natural wonders attraction but also packed with rich and unique cultural heritage and traditions of Kerala. Kerala offers space for wide variety of adventure activities too.

The flying fox is an adventure activity. This extreme opportunity provided by many regions in Kerala.This adventure sport is available in the Thenmala, which  is the first planned Eco Tourism in India. Flying Fox is an adventure sports that helps you to fly high in the sky like a bird.

It is a fun-filled aerial ride which guaranteed happiness. The structure of this sports consists of one rope or cable that diagonally at the both ending poles. The cable are made with stainless steel. Those who like to participate in this sports are hitched up at their backs chest with a pulley and rope. The guiding rope is controlled by the instructor. The participants are freely moving on the pulley.

It is one of the enchanting and thrilling adventure sport.  It is a unique journey from above the hills,rivers or valleys with an ultra strong steel zip lines. This sports is used as a transportation medium in some mountain countries for many years.

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