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Google health cards launched in India


Have you heard about Google health cards? The much awaited Google health cards just launched in India and this is a great help for public. Google health cards are available in two languages—English and Hindi and cover around 400 diseases. 

Google health cards packed with ice graphics and user-friendly information. All this make health-related search easy on Google and allow to find needed details in less time. These card are great help for common people who cant understand medical terms and all. 


People have a trend of googling information about a symptom or health problem before seeking medical help like a stomach ache or a fever. Google health cards are made in a way to  show up every time we search keywords related to any disease.

The reason behind the launch is that ” One in 20 Google searches are for health-related information”. Google health cards tell you each and every details of a disease in layman terms, including the prevalence, symptoms, diagnosis and complications.


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