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Google Ready to Launch Devices with “Andromeda” Operating System


Have you heard about the upcoming “Andromeda” Operating System ? According to rumors, Google expected to release new devices with this latest operating system. This will includes a new laptop and tablet that will completely run on a new operating system. 

Simply the “Andromeda” operating system is a well combined OS with the aspects of Chrome OS into Android. The expected first device which will packs Andromeda OS may be the forthcoming “Huawei Nexus” tablet. This is the well known Google Nexus 7 successor which is earlier leaked this month.

The upcoming Google Laptop with “Andromeda” Operating System is code named “Bison”. This is  informally known as the “Pixel 3”. The laptop packed with a large and beautiful 12.3-inch touchscreen for viewing all the contents in a good manner. This is designed in a way that it is under 10 mm thick. 


So the Bison (Pixel 3) laptop is one of the thinnest notebooks in the world. The Pixel 3 features an appealing “convertible” design which is similar to Lenovo’s Yoga laptops. This is also packed with a MacBook-esque glass trackpad which works well based on haptic vibration feedback. Price for the model will be around  $799.

Google Pixel 3 and the tablet will runs on all new “Andromeda” OS, which is the all new platform which incorporate aspects of Chrome OS into Android. The Idea of combining laptop and mobile operating systems is a great step taken by Google. 

The man in charge of both OSes is the Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer said that the announcement may takes place at company’s upcoming October 4 event. Google is also ready to launch new ‘Pixel’ phones, Google Home smart speaker, 4K – HDR capable Chromecast, new “Google WiFi” router at the upcoming October 4 event.


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