Google Voice Search Feature Supports 8 more Indian Languages including Malayalam

Google announced the new voice search app which has capability to identify 8 more Indian languages. Those languages are Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Usually, for Indian users Hindi and English were the services available for voice search.

Also It will work on the basis of Google English or Hindi voice search capability. Users can use any of this languages to speak in voice search. After understanding the speech google will type it in the search box. The new voice search capability feature is a part of the Gboard app on Android and the Google App too.

To activate this, Install “Gboard – the Google Keyboard”  app from play store and choose the language in settings or user can change the language option in google settings. Now, user can click in the microphone symbol and start speaking.

The process of translating words from sound to text is done by machine learning. To improve the functioning of  speech recognition function, it needs more voice samples.

This voice search capability can be used to improve voice typing on Gboard, to respond emails and send texts within messaging apps. In addition to these 8 Indian languages, 22 other global languages are also added to the Google’s voice search and voice typing feature. This feature will be first available on Android phones, and will be moved later to iOS.

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