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Grindwell Norton Limited – Complete Company Information


Grindwell Norton Ltd is the leading manufacturer and exporter of abrasives and silicon carbide. Their manufacturing locations are in Mora near Mumbai, Nagpur, Bangalore, Tirupati, Halol near Vadodara, Himachal Pradesh and Bhutan.

They are the leading manufacturer of abrasives and ceramics in India. Their many operations in abrasives  which Includes Bonded abrasives, Coated abrasives, Non–woven abrasives, Super abrasives, Construction abrasives, Thin wheels. Their ceramic industrial products includes Nitride Bonded cast Hollow beams and high load applications.

They also offer Oxide and Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide based bats and pillars, Corderite based bats, Cast and pressed mullite based bats and supports. They are using advanced polymer technology and produces, markets more than 800 standard and customer polymer products through 3 business. They are Engineered Components, Fluid Systems and Composites.

The market capital of the Grindwell Norton Ltd is Rs 4,539.52 Crore. The revenue of Grindwell Norton ltd includes the 67.19% of total sales contributed in Abrasives which is Rs 898.36 Crore to Sales Value, 23.83% in Ceramics & Plastics which is Rs 318.63 Crore to Sales Value, 5.17% in Service Income which is Rs 69.17 Crore to Sales Value, 3.17% of others contributes Rs 42.44 Crore and 0.61% of operating profit which contributes Rs 8.27 Crore to Sales Value for the year ending 31st March 2017.


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