Home Informations Harihar Fort (Harshagad) – Nashik, Maharashtra: Complete Details

Harihar Fort (Harshagad) – Nashik, Maharashtra: Complete Details


Harihar Fort (Harshagad) – Nashik, Maharashtra

Harihar fort is a hill fort, is situated near Trimbak in the Nashik district of Maharashtra in India. The fort is also known as Harihar Gad which is at a height of 3676 ft above the sea level. It is 121 k.m from Mumbai and 48 k.m from the Igatpuri, which is the small town of hill station in the Nashik district.

It is the most interesting place for peoples those who loves trekking. It is because of the peculiar rock-cut steps. It offers the carved stone steps until you reaches the peak. It is very difficult in the monsoon season.The rocky steep steps become slippery until this season.

It is most famous for its amazing staircase. The stairs are crafted in a rock which is at 80 degree angles. It is divided in to 2 parts. There are approximately 120 steps in all both the first and second part. The one metre wide rocky stair case with niches in it is carved out for ascending and descending the fort. Both parts are connected by a cave like structure.

After climbing these steps, you reaches an entrance which is called Dharwaja which is the only place for shelter. The second part of the steps are more difficult than the first part, because they are too steep. So more care is needed, the remaining steps are very narrow. They descending from the top of the fort so this is difficult than ascending because of the deep steepness and irregular stairs.

There is a rock cut cistern in the center of the fort which is the only water source in the fort. The water from this can be used for drinking. This cistern is surrounded by rocks. The view from the top of this fort is excellent. You can feel as you are standing on the clouds. The Harihar fort trekking gives a chance to breath the beauty of the silent valley.


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