Hound voice search and virtual assistant app

Hound voice search and virtual assistant app has just launched for Android and iPhone users. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant app earlier introduced in invitation-only private beta last June for Android. Main Highlights of HOUND Voice Search & Assistant app given in detail below. 

Hound voice search and virtual assistant app using Natural language. So there is no need for the user to learn particular words or phrases. This works with how a user speaks normally. Hound’s ease-of-use is a major advantage to avoid robotic, keyword-based way of speaking.


Hound voice search and virtual assistant app is good in Speed and accuracy. This uses Speech-to-Meaning technology, resulting in extremely fast and accurate voice interaction experiences. Another positive of the app is its Specificity and understanding of follow-up queries

The Hound app will prompt the user for more information if some of the necessary variables not initially provided. The app is completely Hands-free and can be used completely hands-free by saying “OK, Hound…”. The app capable of Constantly expanding deep and joyful experiences. 

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