How to Avoid Kitchen Dangers and Hazards

Best Tips to Prevent Accidents and Risks in Kitchen

How to Avoid Kitchen Dangers and Hazards

Cooking is an art which need patience and at most care. Among the home accidents a vast majority of them happening from the kitchen rather than outdoor issues. Both women and men need extreme care in cooking and food preparation. Most common problems happens with fire, knives, hot liquids, foods etc. Here are some useful tips fro you to prevent risks and accidents in kitchen. Try them and be safe from hazards always. Causes of Most Common Kitchen safety issues/Problems

  • Unattended fire/cooking
  • Contact burns from equipment
  • Food burns
  • Spillage of Liquids
  • Injuries from┬áknives, blender
  • Over loaded refrigerator & microwave oven
  • Full loaded cupboards and pantries
  • Wet and slippery floor

Tips to Prevent Accidents and Risks in Kitchen

How to Avoid Kitchen Dangers and Hazards

  • Never use sharp pointed knives or other things to open a tight Jar, container, tin etc
  • Keep your knives separately rather than keeping along with mix of other kitchen utensils
  • Your Kitchen wear is important, always wear some good clothes which is not easily capturing fire.

How to Avoid Kitchen Dangers and Hazards

  • It is always best to avoid dress with hangings and light layers, may cause getting fire easily
  • You can wear a good kitchen apron while you working in kitchen, Put up your hair when ever possible for safety
  • Better to avoid handling hot pots with cloth or paper, instead of that you can use pot holder

How to Avoid Kitchen Dangers and Hazards

  • The cooking pot or vessel you are going to cook should not be less than the gas or stove burner
  • Adjust the flame after placing a pot over the burner only, other wise there is chance to spread the fire to out
  • Just turn on the fire in low flame and then keep the pot over burner, never to in reverse manner it is really hazardous

How to Avoid Kitchen Dangers and Hazardsf

  • After cooking just turn the holder of pot toward your opposite end, it avoids the chance of accidentally pulling out hot vessels by children
  • If there is an accident fire while you cooking inside the hot vessel never try to stop it by blowing, just keep a big vessel over it after the cooking gas turned off

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