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How to Buy a Smartphone or Laptop From USA to India – Easy Methods


Easy Methods to Buy a Smartphone or Laptop From USA to India

We are introducing an article about an easy way to buy a laptop/ smartphone from USA to India. Most of us may face shipping address problem, delayed shipment and customs duties while importing electronic products from USA to India. If you are searching for such topic, check out our article. This will help you to buy a product from USA to India without any worries.

We commonly choose Amazon.in to buy products from India. But if you are staying in India and want to buy product from USA, choose Amazon. com. If you are staying in the USA, the most safest and easy way to buy and import the product to India is via Amazon.com without the problem of shipping address problems, customs duties, delayed shipment etc. But you have to change your default address and enter the international address (India).

Besides, you have to provide Indian ID and do not use any US ID. This online site offers international shipping as well as Free International Shipping. Do not choose an Amazon global shipping service. It is not a good way to import the product, because there are some problems exist with this service. Besides, some items are restricted from Global shipping.

First, you have to order the product via Amazon and then, enter your internal shipping address (Indian address). Next, pay the customs duty and wait. That’s, all. You will get the product at your doorstep. Following are the steps to buy the laptop from US and get it shipped to India.

1. First off all, you need to click “international shipping” or ship to India” toggle on the left hand side under the Refine by option.


2. Then, compare the price of laptops or smartphones and choose a right one you need.

3. Next, change your default address and enter your new international address (India). Then, provide your KYC number.

4. Add Voter ID,valid Driver’s License, 16 digit Aadhaar Card or 10 characters PAN Card number (Indian).  If necessary, the Amazon’s carriers will approach to you to collect the proof of address and also will use your ID Number for KYC and customs clearance.

5. Next, you must check the whole details you entered and after you make payment. There are 3 shipping options are provided by Amazon, such as AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping (averages 9-12 business days), AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping (averages 5-10 business days) and AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping (averages 2-4 business days). Choose a preferred shipping. The Amazon will tell you an estimated customs duty.

6. At last, you have to pay some additional shipping charges + customs duty to get rid of all the problems. That’s all.


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