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How to Charge an Apple Pencil – The Strange Solution


Do you know How to Charge an Apple Pencil ? Apple offers a Strange Solution for charging its new its new iPad stylus. Apple unveiled Pencil stylus for iPad Pro earlier this year. One of the issue at that time was, while charging (When  it’s connected to the iPad Pro) Pencil’s Lightning connector could bend or break if you accidentally nudged it the wrong. 

Now Apple itself offer the best solution for this issue. Company offers a small adapter with the Pencil. This can easily plug into a Lightning cable’s connector for charging. You can simply charge the Pencil from a cable plugged into computer’s USB port.

Apple Pencil

This solution also allows you to charge both the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil at the same time. There is only one Lightning port at the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil comes with a rectangular adapter which has two Lightning ports. One for the Lightning and the other for Pencil.

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil gives you a variety of tools in a single instrument. It features lightning-fast responsiveness. iPad Pro identifies whether you’re using your finger or Apple Pencil. The pen capable of measuring a range of forces with its carefully positioned sensors. 

Apple offers 12 hours of battery life. Apple claims, Just 15 seconds provides enough charge for half an hour of use and full charge gets you 12 hours’ worth of scribbling, sketching, annotating and editing. 

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