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How To Keep Your Dress Long Lasting – Clothing / Garments Care Tips


Garments Care Tips

Clothing and fabrics are the most essential thing in the daily life of every one. We have many casual wear, special party wear and other formal wear items. Special and different types of materials and fabric need special care and attention for its life. Wedding dress should not be washed as the same way you practice for the casual wear.

You need to spend some time to care these materials to prevent them from getting damaged easily. Here are some important tips for your daily washing, drying and storing of clothes. You can try these simple steps and keep your fabric so beautiful and attractive every time as purchased today.

Garments Care Tips

Tips To Keep Your Fabric / Dress Long Lasting

  • Care While Handling/washing of Clothes
  • Care During drying/ironing of Clothes
  • Care for Storage/Usage of Clothes

Care While Handling/washing of Clothes 

  • While you washing a costly saree or garment for the first time no need to use soap powder or other detergents. Just wash in plain cold water and take out, dry well and store.
  • Instead of detergents you can use shampoo for washing costly clothes to get more shining.
  • Handle your dress properly without exposing to much dirt and other stain, if any stains is there
  • The washing machines may do a good job for usual wear items but it is always to go for washing by hands if the cloth is new and costly and must do if with excessive fabric color.

Garments Care Tips

  • The most dirty portion your dress will in the sides, at the level of collar etc apply some pressure here during hand washing. The inner portion no need to rub well if there is no dirt.
  • Always select quality detergents to use in washing machines which should not cause harm for your clothes.
  • Be sure about the washing method of certain clothes (dry wash or other method) before attempting by checking the manufacture policy.
  • Avoid direct contact with detergents if you are sensitive to them or with a known history of soap allergy. Buy special allergy free products and most of the time go for machine wash and wear hand gloves if needed.

Care During drying/ironing of Clothes 

Garments Care Tips

  • Always iron your dress in low heat with care to prevent damage
  • Spread a news paper over the silk cloth materials and iron over this paper, it will prevent damage due to over heat
  • Each type of materials need different temperature setting get instruction from the manufacture and do it properly to keep garments long lasting
  • During the process of ironing first just do it over the inside of clothes and saree then go to the outside portion, it will be good option to prevent damage due to over heat
  • Never iron clothes which is already having dirt, because it will cause the dirt to more adhesive to the cloth surface will be difficult to remove in washing

Garments Care Tips

  • Get your dress well dried before storing to prevent bad odor and fungus problems
  • Practice getting your clothes drying from areas with low sunlight exposure, because as more and more sunlight and heat cause the damage and color fading of clothes
  • After washing before spreading it to get dry never squeeze it with Strong force in order to remove water content
  • For machine wash, just take it after wash from washing machine and keep it over low sunshade area to get dry naturally well
  • Don’t keep the wet dress before or after wash for  along time, it will reduce the life span of clothes

Care for Storage/Usage of Clothes 

Garments Care Tips

  • It is always better to iron your dress well before storing in wardrobe
  • Keep wardrobe clean without moisture and other unnecessary items
  • keep clothes in separate sections, so it will be easy to choose during selection
  • Never overload your storage area with excessive stock of dress, just keep what you rally want to wear for daily purpose
  • Try this: Keep some well dried flowers with good smell inside the wardrobe in corner to get fresh flowery smell for clothes

Garments Care Tips

  • Avoid choosing areas with moisture and high humidity content to store clothes
  • During winter season you can choose for plastic bags to keep all without problems from moisture
  • Try keeping some daily items in the hanger itself for easy access
  • Silk saree and other materials keeping in same position for a long time may cause material damage, you can try spreading it in between and store in different position


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