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How To Make a Garden In Flats And Apartments



How To Make a Garden In Flats And Apartments

Flat or apartment gardening is now a days a good option to have some fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables for your home. If you try the method it will be a healthy too. The available place is not a problem if you are ready to spend some for this work. There is no need to waste so much of time for this care because most of them will grow well naturally.

the flowers can use to decorate home or can sell if avialble in large quantity. Instead of having fresh items it will be relaxing work out for your mind and body. Just spend few hours for this and you can be proud to be having some self farmed vegetables and fruits. Just try these simple things and share your experience. 

Tips To Grow Vegetables And Plants in Flats and Apartments

  • Choose the right plant/seed to grow in your flat or apartment is the first and important thing
  • First try with one or two flowering plants or vegetables than starting with a large scale option
  • Buy a plastic tray with good width and plant some small type flowering plants in it
  • African violet, Norfolk, island pepper, pepperonium, Chinese evergreen are good options for flats
  • Ensure that the place is getting adequate sunlight for these plants
  • Vegetables like ladies finger, long beans, tomato, brinjal, bitter gourd are easily growing in every where
  • You can have pots and flower baskets hang on the suitable place to get more place
  • Orchid grape ivy, English ivy, money plant are suitable to grow in this way
  • Also try keeping some plants inside the room but just keep these flowers in sunlight once in a week
  • For this purpose select snake plant, rubber tree, spider plant etc
  • Bonsai are another good options to decorate your flats well
  • Many types of attractive and beautiful bonsai are available as flowering plants and vegetables
  • Bonsai have the advantage of less fertilizer application and less space
  • Any large growing type of tree or flowering plant can be modified to the form of Bonsai
  • Choose deep flowering pots for such type of plants is the considerable thing
  • All plants as bonsai need to crop well in frequent periods with the help of a pruner
  • Aquaskapping is the another good option to make your flat appear attractive
  • This is the way in which plants are growing in glass-plastic jars/pots within water instead of soil
  • Sea weeds, various aquatic plants can be chosen for this purpose
  • Keep such an aquatic plant fitted pot in any corner of your flat or apartment go get a fresh and natural look
  • You can choose colorful water plants like lotus, water lilly to make your room appealing
  • Keep a fresh and small aquarium in your flat with some golden fish, snails and water capable plants in it
  • Empty bins and cans of various items can be well modified to grow vegetables and fruits
  • In kitchen also you can keep some green plants in small pots
  • While using fertilizers it is better to choose natural fertilizer because it may cause reaction with the plastic pot and create harmful effects
  • Vermicompost and liquid organic ¬†fertilizers can use for good outcome
  • Bad smell producing fertilizers like bone meal is better to avoid


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