Jaguar Land Rover launches new SUV at Rs 1.72 cr


Jaguar Land Rover launches new SUV at Rs 1.72 cr

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) introduces new model of sports utility vehicle Range Rover available in petrol and diesel versions elaborated with V8 engines having a petrol version supported with 5 liters and diesel with 4.4 liters ranging from Rs.1.90 crore. Keeping in mind,  the product is finished with comfortability  elegance and handling for Indian customers.

The company is in destination to feat BMW’s X1 and Audi’s Q3 with it’s small SUV. Jaguar decides to launch smaller categories of car and products which will initiate better planning strategies. It will emerge it’s dealings to 2 tier cities such as Chandigarh and Bhuvaneshvar.

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