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Kansai Nerolac Paints – Complete Company Information


Kansai Nerolac Paints – Complete Company Information

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd (KNPL) is the leading  paint company in India. It is a subsidiary of Kansai Paints Ltd which is the largest manufacturer of paint coatings in Japan. it is one of the largest industrial paint and decorative paint company headquartered in Mumbai.

The core business areas of them are automotive coatings, industrial coatings, decorative coatings, power coating, high performance coating, marine and protective coatings. They are the leaders in industrial and automotive coatings. The decorate coating are two type:- both exterior and interior.

This includes enamels, distemper, emulsions, primers, putty, wood finishes . The high performance coatings are wide range to tackle the corrosion protection. They are leading in the business of powder coating in several products including electrical equipment, light fixtures, fans, refrigerators, washing machine, air conditioner, microwaves, etc.

KNPL is well known for many innovations in products, services and brands. The main reason to enlarge the business is through customer satisfaction. They make rapid growth through customer responsiveness, efficiency, speed and productivity. They focus on the technology for maintain the customer satisfaction by providing high quality, cost effective and sustainable solution to its customers.

They introduces many innovations in their products by using their advanced research & development center. Kansai Nerolac Paint Ltd is a largest capital company of having RS.  26178.03 Crore as market capital. Their Gross sale is Rs. 4936.05 crore in March for the year ended in 2017. Total income was Rs. 4629.27 crore,  Profit Before Tax was Rs. 759.42    Crore in the same period.

Their total asset increases to 12.03% from Rs. 3211.02 crore in the year ended March 2016  to Rs. 3597.36 crore compared to the previous year same period. Total reserves also increases to 12.35 from Rs. 2,448.98 crore to Rs. 2,751.43 crore in the same period March.


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