Keytruda – An Advanced Drug for Cancer by Launched by MSD Ltd in India

Keytruda – An Advanced Drug for Cancer by Launched by MSD Ltd in India

The leading pharmaceuticals company Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited (MSD) launched a drug in India named by ‘ Keytruda’ for the treatment of melanoma. Melanoma is an advanced skin cancer that spreads all parts of the body which can not be surgically recovered.

Keytruda ( Pembrolizumab ) is a cancer medicine that prevent with the growth and spreads of cancer cells in the body. This medicine is often given after all the medicine related to cancer did not make success. This medicine can be used for melanoma,  non-small cell lung cancer, head and neck cancer,  Hodgkin lymphoma, a certain type of bladder and urinary tract cancer.

An MSD spokeperson said that “Specifically, for advanced melanoma, we are introducing Keytruda with an India-specific price and Patient Access Program to assist patients who otherwise could not afford treatment”.

By using this medicine Keytruda may cause some side effects which leads to certain serious medical problems. So that you will take frequent medical tests while using this medicine, it will helps to keep your body in very healthy. The keytruda treatment is taken only by the instructions provided by the Doctor.

According to the industry source for the treatment of Melanoma for 21 days course one vial of Keytruda is needed, so maximum retail price of  Rs. 2,36,000 is required for that treatment.

MSD Ltd is one of the top pharmaceuticals and healthcare company in the world.  They are the first and foremost to discover and develops innovative medicines and vaccines that treat and prevent unmet medical needs.

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