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Manzana Couplet magnetically attachable mini soundbar launched


Manzana is a highly popular manufacturer for its computer peripherals, audio systems and security & surveillance systems. Now they have launched Couplet, a bi-functional mini sound bar portable speaker. According to company it can simply transform into a sound bar and standard 2.0 speakers via magnetic shield.

Here is the all new Manzana Couplet magnetically attachable mini soundbar. This is a highly useful product which is launched in India with appealing specifications and options. Manzana Couplet available to purchase in India for Rs. 949 only.  Check below to see full Highlights of Manzana Couplet.


Manzana Couplet packed with 5 Watt (2.5 Watt each) RMS sound output for high quality sound. There are 80 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio and the device supports Frequency Response at 80Hz – 20KHz. Enjoy best in class Stereo output with USB power ideal for desktops and laptops. Manzana Couplet comes with special 3.5mm headphone jack too. 

Company using Magnetic connect technology which can acts as a soundbar and a standard 2.0 speaker set as per the user need. The Manzana Couplet comes in black color and is priced at Rs. 949. You can purchase Manzana Couplet through online retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart for as low as Rs. 750. This is also available through offline retailer.

Manzana Couplet Price in India: Rs 949/-


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