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Masayoshi Son – Everything You Should Know About SoftBank Group’s Founder


Masayoshi Son : CEO of SoftBank Corp

Masayoshi Son is the Chairman & CEO of SoftBank Corp, Japan. SoftBank Corp is one of the leading multinational company which provides information technology,  telecommunication services and internet corporations. Their services include provision of mobile communications services, sale of mobile devices, provision of broadband services to retail customers & telecom services to corporate customers, distribution of mobile devices overseas and sale of personal computer (PC) software, peripherals and mobile device accessories.

Son was born in Tosu, Japan on August 11, 1957. He graduated from University of Calofornia in Economics. He has a great interest in Computer. Son founded SoftBank Corporation in 1981 after completing his graduation. He did a great achievement in his organisation for establishing the  reputation worldwide in telecom sector.

In 1981 a Japanese entrepreneur Mr. Masayoshi Son founded  SoftBank Corp in Japan. Now the company is a leading provider of fixed line and international telecommunication services. He has been its Chairman since September 1981 and Chief Executive Officer since September 1986.

Now he is continuing in his position as Chairman & CEO of SoftBank Corp. After establishing it  Son went on to work with top organizations like Yahoo (CEO, Yahoo Japan) and BB Technologies (Chairman of the Board).  The  internet and telecoms giant SoftBank Corp said profit for the quarter through June increased to $4.33 billion.

Masuyoshi Son ( 59 yrs old ) has been ranked the Wealthiest person in Japan, in the reported provided by the Japan Forbes Rich List. His fortune rises from $5.5 billion to $20.4 billion as the SoftBank Corp investors. His net worth is about $ 21.7 billion in 2017.

He was the instrumental in building a diverse board and strong leadership team, expanding the company’s business in high growth markets in overseeing Internet, telecommunications, media and global investment activities.


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