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Microsoft Garage launches Clip Layer app


Microsoft Garage has just launched Clip Layer app to provide easy sharing across various Android devices. There are snippets of information that a user wants to use across different apps, screens, and context on a smartphone. There are many apps in which you cannot able to select or copy anything because it’s blocked by the app.

Pressing and holding an area then to drag two ends of the grabbers require much precision in some apps. This is not as easy as you think. For all this functions, Microsoft Garage Project introduced Clip Layer app this can be used over any screen. It can select, copy, and act on snippets you care about in simple series of taps.


To use Clip Layer app, after selecting a snippet, copy it to clipboard, add it to Wunderlist to have it accessible across different devices. You can also email it, or share it to any other app installed on your phone. This app making it quick and easy to select the information. 

You can copy text anywhere from your screen including a web page and other places. This app proves to be simple and effective. The Clip Layer app designed by Steve Won, a senior designer with Microsoft’s Office team. The Clip Layer app works with Android devices. 


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