Microsoft launched its social network site

Microsoft socl

Microsoft launched its social network site 

Social networking site is published among the public.It has been launched by Microsoft FuSE (Future Social Experience).User can use it by signing to their Facebook account or Microsoft account considering the social sphere one depends on more.

Clicking images will guide to URL where photo, article, blog, background website is located. Socl is a combination of Reddit, Pintrest and Facebook all mixed in Qasi search engine. This is still active and used my many people. 

Microsoft launched its social network site so (1)

Different Kinds of Posts on Socl

  • Quick Post
  • Collages
  • Video Parties
  • Picotale
  • Blink
  • Kodu

Socl — pronounced social is to create, collect and share stuff you love. Socl is brought to you by the fun people at Microsoft Research FUSE Labs. August 2014 update to Socl allows Even faster post creation, Streamlined navigation, Post publicly, to just yourself, or to those you choose, Collect while creating etc. 

Microsoft launched its social network site so (2)

Mobile version of Socl

There is a mobile version of Socl which is available on your mobile. Go to Socl on app store; the site’s responsive design will optimize for your device.Every Socl user has a profile page. You can sign in with your Facebook or Microsoft account.

Anyone can join Socl; Socl is free

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