New Galaxy S4 Phone Coming with Unbreakable Screen

Unbreakable Screen

New Galaxy S4 Phone Coming with Unbreakable Screen

Samsung has unveiled new galaxy S IV supported  with an unbreakable screen which is now combating with Apple’s iPhone to get $200 billion plus smartphone in market. Galaxy S IV is displayed with an efficient display , powered with Quad-core processor and 13 megapixel camera having picture density to 441 pixels per inch. It is much better than to galaxy S III and iPhone 5 which has 326 ppi.

Samsung consists of  organic light emitting diode (OLED) display which is a front tunner in making unbreakable screen Galaxy S IV by which OLED can substitute glass substrate with plastic material which will make the mobile equipment’s flexible and unbreakable.

This will make more flexible displays and make it unbreakable. Both Galaxy S IV or S V has unbreakable , flexible, foldable displays launched in the upcoming year 2014. Samsung’s intensity depends on it’s cool products, they are considered as aristrocrats in technology.

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