Nikon Developed a smartwatch that can emit fragrances

Nikon Developed a smartwatch that can emit fragrances

Nikon is a well known manufacture of several game changing developments for the world in the camera industry. Now the company patents a smartwatch that can emit fragrances. Now Nikon ready to launch smartwatches with unique features and options.

According to sources, Nikon shows a smartwatch with a circular casing and a beautiful round display. On external this is just simple as any other smartwatch but . This is  not an average smartwatch, it is some thing interesting and awaiting for the launch. 


The smartwatch from Nikon may emit fragrances, possibly you may have options to choose between fragrances.  These fragrance possibly housed within a cartridge inside the watch itself. This will be a user replaceable cartridge which comes in various smells/flavours.

According to Nikon, the smartwatch will be able to release the fragrance automatically. This function will be based on the time, gender or age of the person using face detection. No details available about  how long a certain cartridge would last and costs for each cartridge.

Nikon smartwatch Price: Not Announced

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