Philips Hue Connected LED Lighting Launched for Rs 16995

Philips has just launched Philips Hue Connected LED Lighting in India for starting price of Rs 16995. The Philips Hue connected LED lighting starter kit is available at this price tag. HUE is a high quality web-enabled LED home lighting system with list of options and features.

Philips Hue Connected LED Lighting can be Connected up to 50 lights and you can simply control them on a smart device. This system can Use the timer to set alarms. You can change your lights over time. There is option to Set your lights to a calming, soft tone to help you relax.

Philips Hue Connected LED Lighting is used to Set lights to turn on and off when you’re away from home. There is also option to turn your photos into a palette of color for your lights. This LED Lighting system is specifically designed with light recipes to help you focus.

Philips Hue Connected LED Lighting

Philips Hue Connected LED Lighting offer option to Preset white light temperature. This option is best to boost body and mind. Another available option is to Set light to the tuned white for reading. You can simply Create an account and access your lights from anywhere.

Philips Hue Connected LED Lighting supports 16 million colors from an internet-enabled light bulb. The offer a special ZigBee technology which lets you update your lights wirelessly. The Hue Starter Kit with bridge and three Hue lamps available to purchase at Rs 16,995.

Philips Hue Connected LED Lighting Price in India: Rs 16995/-

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