Qualcomm Snapdragon Virtual Reality Software Development Kit

Qualcomm Snapdragon Virtual Reality Software Development Kit has just launched. This is a new technology offered by the Qualcomm.There are lots of Supported Tech in Snapdragon VR. One of the most important is, DSP sensor fusion.

The SDK (Software Development Kit) allows the developers to create more responsive and immersive experiences. You can use high frequency inertial data from gyroscopes and accelerometers via the Snapdragon Sensor Core.


Fast motion to photon option Supports  fast transformation of rendered images in 3D space, and thus reduce latency by up to 50%. Stereoscopic rendering with lens correction assures 3D binocular vision with color correction and barrel distortion for improved visual quality. 

Other facility offered are VR layering: This reducing distortions that would otherwise make them difficult to read. The software features Power management: You can experience CPU, GPU, and DSP power and performance management for VR applications running in low-power this improving power efficiency.

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