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Savelli Luxury Android Smartphone Launched for Rs 66 lakh


Swiss firm Savelli is well known with range of handmade luxury Android smartphones production. This is a well known and new jewellery brand owned by Alessandro Savelli, based in Geneva. Savelli Luxury Android Smartphone Launched in Abu Dhabi and when this comes to India, may cost around Rs 66 lakh. The smartphone launched  by a luxury watch dealer Mohammed Rasool Khouri and Sons. 

Savelli Luxury Android Smartphone first unveiled in Dubai last year in November. The company offers 11 luxury Android smartphones with the title name of ‘Jardin Secret’. Price tag of this super luxury phones ranges from AED 30,600 to AED 386,617. That is roughly Rs. 5.28 lakhs to Rs. 66.77 lakhs in India. The most expensive among the 11 handsets is known as Black Insane.


Black Insane price is AED 386,617. The special feature of the phone is, this gets a beautiful 75 rectangular baguette-cut diamonds set in an oval shaped crown. The crown fixed on the top of the phone. Among this range, the cheapest smartphone is named Blue Jean Ostrich and it is available to purchase for a price tag of AED 30,600. 

Savelli Luxury Android Smartphone is a jewel of tomorrow, only for women.The smartphone gets Ultra-Bombe crystal sapphire to hi-tech ceramic materials. According to Company, they have carefully selected the best precious stones and set them using the ‘serti neige’ or ‘snow setting’ technique. There is baguette-cut stones and all this assures seamless setting technique for an immaculate finish. 

Technically, Savelli Luxury Android Smartphone coming with Google’s Android operating system. It has 32GB of memory, micro USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi capability. The luxury phone has GSM Quadband coverage, and 3G compatibility. The phone can sync with a PC or a Mac to transfer data. 

Savelli Luxury Android Smartphone Price in India: Rs 5.28 Lakh to 66 Lakh


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