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Senzati Jet Sprinter Mercedes is a Luxury VIP people carrier


Senzati Jet Sprinter Mercedes

Here is the Mercedes with a private BATHROOM cost £209,000. This is not a common vehicle, this is the ultimate luxury people carrier looks more like a private jet than a car. The well known senzati Jet Sprinter Mercedes is a Luxury VIP people carrier. 

This luxuriously modified Mercedes Sprinter van packed with rish layout and features. There is attractive colour of the seats, which can be customised. The vehicle Boasts two metre sunroof, luxury bathroom, office, fridge and entertainment system – among other features.

Senzati Jet Sprinter Mercedes

You can add more features as per wish depending on the specifications of model. This luxury Vehicle, pricing starts from £209,000 and it is made to look discrete from the outside. From pictures you can see that the luxurious leather interior, similar to that of a private jet.

Senzati Jet Sprinter Mercedes vehicle claims to be Britain’s first incredibly luxurious people carrier. Service like desk, fridge for champagne and even a private bathroom for long journeys make this quiet worth for the price. There is an exclusive mid-ships cabin door and two metre glass roof to the sumptuous custom built seats and furniture, all this make it is unique. 

Senzati Jet Sprinter MercedesSenzati Jet Sprinter Mercedes available in 4 models with room for up to eight passengers and 12 suitcases. A seven feet-long (two metre) sunroof provides extra light.

Senzati Jet Sprinter Mercedes


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