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Spero – India’s first Eco Friendly Electric Bike Launched


Every one is familiar with the zippy, which has a maximum range of around 100km and travels from 0-25km/h in under 10 seconds. Here is a new member, Spero, a perfect cross between a bicycle and an electric bike. This is India’s first Eco Friendly Electric Bike. Spero just launched in India and can reach 100km on around one unit of charge (at a maximum cost of Rs 9).

Spero  Electric Bike looks stunning and packed with appealing specifications and options. This is the India’s first crowdfunded eco-friendly electric bike. A Coimbatore based 38-year old Manikandan designed this bike. It took 3 years for him and now ready to to launch 3 models of his electric bike in India.

Spero (1) Spero (3) Spero (2)

Spero is capable of traveling 30 kms on a single charge. The battery charging well as the rider pedals. Spero Models that can go 60 kms and 100 kms will be available soon. This is also capable of going 0-25 kmph in 10 seconds. There is also 5 gears in electric mode. Spero is made from a mix of locally sourced materials and local ingenuity.

The battery is from Samsung, motor and tyres come from partners in Korea. All 3 models of the Spero bike will be available on pre-order. The price will be Rs 29,900 to Rs 50,900. Powering the Spero is an efficient 48V Li-ion battery. There is 1-year warranty and will charge from 20 to 80 per cent in 4 hours.

The bike supports features like cruise control, battery charge indicator and a digital speed display. You can also use the bike like a regular cycle, so the bike will recharge the 48 volt Lithium ion detachable battery. Overall Spero is a healthy and economical option for those prefer a two wheeler.

Spero Electric Bike Price in India: Rs 29,900/- Approx Onward


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