What Should Do, When Your SSLC Book Lost ?

The SSLC is considered as a valid form of proof of Date of Birth for those who born before 1989. It plays an important role in our life. This certificate is essential in many cases such as for the admission of plus two, PSC registration, applying for a passport, getting a job etc. Here we are introducing the best way to get a duplicate SSLC book.

First, you need to visit this website: www.keralapareekshabhavan.in. Next, you will see an option: Application Forms  under Downloads Section on the left side of page. click on that option. Then, a list of applications forms will be shown. You need to click on this option: Application For Duplicate Certificate.


You will get the form in a PDF format. Download the form and fill it. Along with this form, original certificate (If the original is damaged), chalan and paper advertisement (About the loss of SSLC certificate) are essential for applying to get SSLC book. Visit your Head Master of the School where you had completed the 10th standard and submit the form along with documents. You need to pay Rs. 200/- for applying the duplicate copy of SSLC Certificate. But the amount of fee for the issue of triplicate certificate is Rs. 500/-.

The fee of applicant will be decreased into a Government Treasury of the Kerala State under the Head of Accounts “0202-01-102-92 Other Receipts”. If the applicant is residing outside the Kerala State, the fee may be decreased into the State Bank of India (SBI) in Chalan under the Head of Accounts “077 B (c) I.S.S.A Kerala”.

You need to produce a declaration, attested by Magistrate of a Judicial Department under the seal of his court. But this is done only in the case of your SSLC original certificate is irrecoverably lost. If the original certificate is damaged, must enclose it. In case you haven’t enclosed it, you need to explain the reason. Before applying for the duplicate certificate, the applicant should publish the below notice in any daily news paper approved by PRD for obtaining the duplicate SSLC Certificate.


For more details visit www.keralapareekshabhavan.in.

2 thoughts on “What Should Do, When Your SSLC Book Lost ?

  1. Saji
    November 21, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    Thanks for teaching how to apply sslc book duplicate in kerala. very much bro.

    1. Vivek
      May 18, 2017 at 3:22 pm

      How much time taken for getting duplicate certificate after submitting application?

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