Stop Worrying About Fuel efficiency When Driving with AC on

 Fuel efficiency When Driving with AC on

Most of us have a great concern on Fuel efficiency When Driving with AC on. Now, you can Stop Worrying About Fuel efficiency or mileage, when the AC is on while driving. A group of bright engineering Students from Rajadhani College, Kerala found a practical solution for this problems. Once applied this technology will be a great help to deal with the increasing fuel price and environmental heat. 

The 6 members included team from mechanical engineering branch works with the heat energy, that escapes to environment. This heat energy is used for the working of AC. Vapor compression technology is the current using method for working of AC in vehicles. So you have to worry about Fuel efficiency When Driving with AC on. 

Vapor compression technology  is the most widely used method for air-conditioning of buildings and automobiles. This is also widely used in domestic and commercial refrigerators. Here  lowering the temperature of an enclosed space by removing heat from that space and transferring it elsewhere occurs – refrigeration. 

Instead of this, they experimented with Automobile Air-Conditioning Based on Absorption Refrigeration System Using Exhaust Heat of a Vehicle.  The calculations of heat load and heat availability obtained from a vehicle a 2kW system is feasible to provide air conditioning in a vehicle. With low production and maintenance charge, the technology can be used successfully in upcoming vehicles.  

Congratulations to the team Members (Abhilash, Abhinandhu, Ajay, Hari, Aravindhu, Shameer and Sreekesh) under the guidance of Mr. Shree Mahesh.  Fuel efficiency When Driving with AC on

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