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Throat Pain – Best Tips For Prevention and Treatment


How To Avoid And Treat Sore Throat In Home

Throat Pain is the most common problem and irritates every one once affected. No need to go for having tablets for a simple throat pain if you have associate d fever or some other symptoms go to doctor for a consultation. If you try these simple steps you will get relief from the throat pain and related irritation, cough etc. All these remedies are based on simple and safe home based treatment options or tips. It will help to clear your throat and respiratory tract and avoid further respiratory complications.

Throat Pain

Know The Common Causes Of  Throat pin/sore throat

  • The common cold from viral infection
  • Infection of the voice box (laryngitis)
  • Other viral infections like mumps, measles etc.
  • Bacterial infection of epiglottis, uvula
  • As a result of irritants like low humidity, smoking, pollution etc
  • Tonsilitis, injury to the mouth

Try Best Home Remedies for Throat pain

  • Once you have sore throat avoid having cold items like ice creams and salad, get plenty of luke warm water
  • Use a mixture of equal amount of dry ginger+ Indian long pepper(Thippali)+Pepper with honey for easy relief from throat pain
  • Try gargling of this solution, one tea spoon salt+one glass luke warm water+ quarter tea spoon turmeric powder
  • Take the well cleaned root of ginger and boil well in water, have the mild hot water in between to get relief
  • Try having three garlic cloves added to tea or water and chew well will gives comfort
  • Mix Cinnamon powder + 2 table spoon honey+ one pinch pepper powder+one glass water, drink this solution To treat sore throat
  • Gargle mild luke warm water mixed with pinch of salt frequently, it will destructs the bacteria and sore throat can manage
  • Two table spoon Sesame oil mixed with one table spoon honey can have regularly for three days will gives good effect
  • If you have sore throat never leave your throat dry drink mild Luke warm water in between to avoid irritation and dryness
  • Well made fresh paste of sweet flag can apply on throat to get relief from throat pain
  • Try these solution for gargling: Mixture of one glass water+one spoon Tea powder+pinch of salt
  • Boil the contents and filter well, Gargle this solution frequently will be beneficial
  • For gargling you can also try mixture of one glass water+one spoon Tea powder+lemon juice
  • Boil the contents and filter well, Gargle this solution frequently will offer best results
  • Nutmeg powder mixed with honey can take as a home remedy for sore throat and discomfort


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