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Top 10 Best and Market Leading Baby Products Brands in India


Healthy and Safe Market Leading Baby Products Brands in India

Mothers are always conscious about their children. Babies need good care from their parents. Their skin is more sensitive. So many products are causing allergies and rashes. Here we are introducing the top ten best baby products brands in India 2016-17. These brands are most popular and gives good quality products. Besides, they ensure that their products are made with 100% natural ingredients. Which are apt for the baby’s skin. We hope that our list will help you to choose a best brand for your baby. Let’s see the list.

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Biotique Baby Products

The Biotique is a herbal product in India, which is tested by the Dermatologist. This brand ensures that their product is 100% natural botanical and didn’t added chemical and preservatives. Their products are herbal massage oil, adults herbal shampoos, sun cream,body cream, baby soaps body wash and baby shampoo. Their baby products are made with the natural ingredients such as almonds aloe Vera and basil.

Seba Made

The Seba Made is considered as one of the leading brands. It provides baby products such as baby lip balm, bubble bath, diaper rash cream, cleansing bath, sun spray,sun lotion. Seba Made Baby Products are made with high-quality active ingredients, which will cleanse and nourish the baby skin. The brands ensure that, their products are 100% soap and alkali-free.


The Pigeon is a popular brand, which provides various kinds of baby products like healthcare products, breastfeeding accessories, bottles, nipples, cleaning products,feeding and weaning accessories etc. They focused on mother happiness and baby’s healthy growth. This brand was founded in 1957 in Japan by its founder Yuichi Nakata. Today it became the top leading one in the International markets.

Johnson and Johnson

The Johnson’s Baby is an American brand owned by Johnson & Johnson. It provides baby cosmetics and skin care products such as shampoos, massaging oils, diaper rash creams, baby lotions and wipes. This is a most trusted brand in India, which is leading more than 120 years now. Baby nappy pads and ear buds are also provided.

Himalaya Baby Products

The Himalaya is a most successful brand in India. It provide various kinds of products like Neem and turmeric baby soap, Honey and Milk baby soap, prickly heat baby powder, Neem and watermelon baby soap. These products are number one in Indian markets. All the baby products contain 100% pure herbal actives.

Mother Care

The Mother care is another successful baby product brand, which provides bibs, formula milk, feeding products for lactating moms, toddler feeding ranges, car seats, bath sets, toilet training accessories, disposable and reusable nappies. It has a over a 50 years of experience. This brand established by Selim Zilkha and Sir James Goldsmith in 1961.


The Farlin is a popular brand, which is established in 1972. It provides breastfeeding equipment, diaper bags, strollers, car seats, potty training accessories, baby hair care products, slings and baby carriers etc. For the successful sales, it is cooperating closely with more than 80 exclusive agents in the world. This brand’s products are number one in Indian markets.

Mee Mee Baby Products

The Mee Mee is another popular brand in the Indian market. This brand gives special care for bathing series. Shampoo hat is a product, which protect the eyes of a baby from shampoo water. safety pins, comb sets, height charts, baby laundry detergent, nets, mosquito nets and medicine dispensers are the other product.


The Chicco is a largest baby brand in all of Europe. It is a brand of Artsana. Their aim is to make a baby smile, helping mums and dads.Diapers, mother bags, bath care accessories, mosquito nets, boppy support pillow for feeding the baby, oral hygiene care etc are their product. It has 1000 of showrooms in the world wide. This brand is established in 1958 by Cavaliere del Lavoro Pietro Catelli.

Philips Baby Products

Philips is a known electronic brand, which offering baby products for more than 30 years. 3 in 1 electric sterilizer, toddler ranges of cups, bottles, soothers, baby monitors, bottle warmers and Therma bag are the number product they offered.


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