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Top 10 Best Hair Gel Brands with Price in India 2017


Top 10 Best Hair Gel Brands with Price in India 2017

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Hair Gel Brands with Price in India 2017. These brands are top leading  in Indian market. All these brand are ensuring quality of their products. The hair gel is one of the popular hair styling products, which is used to harden and shape hair into a particular hairstyle. Most the younger generations, especially the college students using this product. It is commonly considered as a trend. If you are searching for a good gel brand, check out our list.

1. Gatsby

Gatsby was established in Japan in 1978. It is a well recognized manufacturer of men’s cosmetics. Gatsby Cool Wet gel is a product of this brand, which is considered as one of the best hair wax for men for curly hairs. It provides wetness throughout the day. This gel is made up of moving rubber formula. There is no need to watering the hair for set. The gel has a fresh green apple fragrance. Available at Rs.1990/- (approx).

2. Park Avenue

Park Avenue is considered as one of the leading hair gel brands. Its Wet Look Hair Gel nourishes the hair and also maintain the wet look. Their different types of hair gels available and this includes Soft Hold and Wet Look. The fragrance and the cooling effect of the gel provides fresh mood. Their Soft Hold Hair Gel offers much shiny and wet hair look. Park Avenue Wet Look Hair Gel is the best selling gel. Available at Rs. 100/- (approx).

3. Set Wet

Set Wet Hair Gel is known as one the most used gel  in India. Cool Hold, Vertical Hold and Wet Look are the three variants of this gel. Their hair gels are suitable for all occasion’s hair style. It is alcohol free and also hair friendly, which never harm the hair growth. This gel offers a sexy Casanova look. It keeps the hair hydrated and also maintains its natural color. Set Wet Hair Styling Gel Wet look is the best selling hair gel. Available at Rs. 319/- (approx).

4. Enliven

Enliven is known as a family-run brand, which is the manufacturer of Hair Gel. It is available in three variants such as Enliven Hair Gel Extreme, Enliven Hair Gel Ultimate and Enliven Hair Gel Wet. Enliven Hair Gel Extreme is considered as the best selling hair gel. It is made up of Pro Vitamin B5. Available price is Rs. 104/- (approx).

5. Biotique Bio

Biotique Bio is another popular brand, which was begun in 1992. Their products are enriched with 100% natural ingredients. There are no chemicals, preservatives and animal fat. They produce hair gel for men. Biotique Bio Chlorophyll Oil Free Anti-Acne Gel & Post Hair Removal Soother For Oily & Acne Prone Skin is the best selling hair gel. Himalayan Water Q.S.,  Samundir Kai (Gelidium amansii),   Chinai ghas (Gelidium amansii), Ghrit kumari (Aloevera indica) etc are the ingredients used for making this gel. Available price is Rs. 172/- (approx).

6. Schwarzkopf

Schwarzkopf is a famous brand, which produce two best selling products such as Schwarzkopf Taft Power V12 Power gel Speed Hold and Schwarzkopf Taft Marathon Looks 48H Long Lasting Hold 6 Power Gel. The first one provides 48 hours long lasting hold without losing the hair strength. THey offer high quality products to protect the scalp. Available price is Rs. 425/- (approx).

7. Jolen

Jolen is a grooming and trusted cosmetic brand, which provides Wet Look Hair Gel and Firm Hold Hair Gel.  Aloe Vera extracts and other vital ingredients are included in the Wet Look Gel. This product ensures healthy and dandruff free hair. The Firm Hold Gel offers a long lasting hold to the hair. Besides, this also give a non frizzy look with its zero alcoholic formula. Available price Rs. 125/- (approx).

8. Brylcreem

Brylcreem is known as a British brand of hair styling products for men. This brand was founded in 1928. Now it becomes a well-known brand. This brand always maintained international standards. Their hair gel is suitable for dry, damaged hair. Its special formula protects the hair from dryness. It is made up of Glycerol, which provides 24 hours of moisture protection to the hair. Available price is Rs. 85/- (approx).

9. L’Oreal

L’Oreal is a considered as a French cosmetics company, which was founded in 1909. Eugène Schueller is the founder of this brand. This is considered as the world’s largest cosmetics company. They are the manufacturer of hair gel. Their product range includes Pure Wet Hair Styler, Glue Fibre Gel, Studio Style Mineral Invisi’ Gel, Indes Tructible Extreme hair gel, Fix & Style 6 Hair Styler, Line Radical Fibre Gel, Matt and Messy 8 Hair Styler etc. Available price is Rs. 399/- (approx).

10. Garnier

Garnier is considered as a mass market cosmetics brand of L’Oréal. It is known as an international hair care and skin care brand. Garnier Fructis Style Curl Scrunch Hair Gel is a best hair gel produced by this brand. It comes with  fruit micro-waxes. This gel gives lasting hold without hair frizz. Garnier offers casual and intentional looks for hair by using these products. Available price is Rs. 871/- (approx).


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