Top 10 Best Keyboard Brands For Computer/Laptop in India 2016

Top 10 Best Keyboard Brands For Computer/Laptop in India 2016

Here we are introducing top ten best keyboard brands for computer/ laptop in India 2016. These brands are leading top in Indian markets. Most of them are available at affordable prices. we have sorted these brands on the basis of performance. All are ensuring fast and comfortable typing. If you are looking a good keyboard brand in India, check out our list. We hope that our list will help you to choose a right one.



The Microsoft was founded in 1975. Bill Gates and Paul Allen are the founders of this company. Microsoft All-In-One keyboard has touch pad to a side. It has much resemblance to a laptop keyboard. This keyboard has full-size key set. Besides, this will provide comfortable typing. It will be available at Rs. 1,999/- (approx).


The Corsair is known as an American computer peripherals and hardware company, which was founded in 1994. Corsair K95 RGB is a a mechanical gaming keyboard, manufactured by this brand. This is a well designed keyboard, which add multi color. The K95 RGB used Cherry MX Red switches. It provides the standard basic keys all with backlit buttons and also USB-Y port. For faster gaming 18 G-Key can hold up to 108 macro. This keyboard will be available at Rs. 13,499/- (approx).


The Roccat is a company, founded in 2007. The Roccat Ryos MK Pro is a keyboard, which has an advanced anti-ghosting. This keyboard provides comfortable typing. The Roccat Ryos MK Pro comes with blue LED backlit buttons. It has a USB-Y connector type. This keyboard can perform the other functions easily. It used Easy-Shift[+] technology. This keyboard will be available at Rs. 12,199/- (approx).


The Dell is considered as one of the best computer keyboard brands in India. This is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, United States. They offers computers, related products and services. Dell KB212 Business Wired Keyboard is a popular affordable model priced Rs 420. This features a standard set of 104 keys and Stable, 6 rubber pads to avoid sliding during normal usage. 

Das Keyboard

The Das Keyboard Brand offers series of computer keyboards, which is marketed by Metadot Corporation. Das Keyboard 4 Professional is one of the keyboard, made with high-quality materials. So it is more durable. This keyboard provides fast typing. It gives high-performance. The keyboard comes with gold contacts, Cherry MX mechanical key switches and multimedia keys. There is an Instant sleep button to save energy. Available price is Rs. 13,999/- (approx).


The Steelseries is known as the Danish manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories. This company was founded in 2001. Steelseries Apex M800 is a mechanical gaming keyboard, which is manufactured by this brand. It is considered as the  world’s fastest and most programmable keyboard. It is 25% faster than a traditional mechanical switch. This is an excellent keyboard. Apex M800 is perfect for gaming and for professional usage. For quick responds, Steelseries Apex used QS1 Switch to this keyboard. It will be available at Rs. 11,589/- (approx).


The Cherry founded in 1953 by Walter Cherry. Its most successful model of keyboard is Cherry MX Board 3.0. Which is considered as a cheap mechanical keyboard. It is most suitable for professional usage rather than gaming. Cherry MX Black, MX Blue, MX Brown and MX Red are the four different types of switch. It can supports up to 14 keys press at once. This keyboard provides fast and comfortable typing. Available price is Rs. 7,499/- (approx).


The Logitech founded on 2 October 1981. This brand headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a Swiss global provider of tablet accessories and PC. Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard is a portable keyboard, manufactured by this company. It can use with computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. To switch typing between three connected Bluetooth wireless devices, you need to turn the Easy-Switch dial. It is available at affordable price Rs. 3,799/- (approx). Their Wireless Touch Keyboard K400R is a good option. Available price is Rs. 2,699/- (approx). For more details visit

Mad Catz

Mad Catz was established in 1989. Its most famous model of key board is Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.7, which is considered as the world’s most adjustable gaming keyboard. It has a unique design. This keyboard is more portable than others. Its size is perfect in your arms. The keyboard has a VENOM LCD Module, which contains 2 High-speed USB Ports. It features a TFT-LCD touchscreen. Available price starts from Rs. 3591/- ( approx ).


The Topre is well known for its unique electrostatic capacitive key switches. The company was founded in 1935. Topre Type Heaven ZA0100 is a keyboard, which offers a comfortable typing and smooth key touch. It ensures less sound than a traditional mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is designed with a standard QWERTY layout and 104 buttons. Available price is Rs. 10,100/- ( approx ).

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