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Top 10 Best Leading Animation Colleges in India


Top 10 Best Leading Animation Colleges in India

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Leading Animation Colleges in India. Animation is one of the successful jobs with great scope in the field of films and television industry. It is a process of creating continuous motion and changes in the shape of the figure. Today many of younger generation students chooses this course. Now a days you can watch high quality animated movies and this is lovely specially for kids. Here we are introducing top 10 best animation colleges in India. These colleges are providing best education to their students. If you are searching for a good animation college in India, check out our list.

1. Arena Multimedia

Arena Multimedia was established in the year 1996, which provides a bachelor degree in animation by collaboration with the Mahatma Gandhi University. It has trained over 400,000 students. This college is located in Mumbai, India. This institution is considered as one of the reputed and popular institute for learning animation. They provide job-oriented courses in Multimedia, Animation, Web designing, Gaming and VFX. B.A. in VFX & Animation, Animation film making (DAE) and Arena Animation International Program (AAIP ) are courses offered by this college.

2. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC)

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) is known as the high-end 3D animation and VFX education brand of Aptech, which was founded in the year 1991. It provides various career- oriented courses in 3D animation, VFX, gaming, multimedia, graphic and web designing, media and entertainment. They have trained thousands of students. It is certified by the International VFX and Animation Council.  AD3D EDGE Advanced program in 3D animation (24 months), DAFM – Program in Animation Film making (12 months), D3D – Professional Program in 3D Animation(18 months) and Design VizPro – Program in Architectural Design are the courses offered by this college. They provide placement assistance for the students.

3. Picasso Animation College

Picasso Animation College an animation college in India, which has collaboration with Centennial College, Canada. It is located in Delhi, India and was founded in the year 2009. They have a well established placement cell. Besides, they won the Excellence Award from ASIFA India along with the best Animation Institute at 4th idiot Animation contest ceremony. They provides 3 years programs in the BSc in Animation & VFX, 2 years programs in M.Sc in Multimedia and 16 months programs in Diploma in advanced film making. For further information, visit www.picasso.co.in.

4. Global School of Animation and Games

Global School of Animation and Games is considered as India’s largest in Animation education college, which is affiliated to the University of Teesside, UK, toonskool, Karnatka state open university. It has a
world class infrastructure and facilities. They offer 1 year programs in BA (Hons) Creative Animation Production, 2 years programs in B.A(Hons) Game Design and B.Sc Animation. Their classrooms are equipped with overhead projectors, Interactive Touch boards, computers and sound systems. For more details visit http://globalanimgames.wordpress.com/.

5. Webel DQE Animation Academy

The Webel DQE Animation Academy is known as a largest animation studio in Asia, which offer placement assistance. They are considered as a joint venture of the DQ entertainment Limited and west Bengal government. They used high-end technology to teach the students and also follow a unique teaching method. It is located in Kolkata. They provide courses in the 2D Diploma in Animation film making (12 months), Specialist program 2D digital animation (6 months) and 3D Diploma in Animation film making (12 months). For more details visit www.webeldq.com.

6. Zee Institute Of Creative Arts (ZICA)

Zee Institute Of Creative Arts (ZICA) is known as the nation’s first full-fledged digital animation and classical training academy, which is owned by Zee network. They provide practical training in Visual Effects, 2D Animation, Gaming and 3D Animation. It was awarded as “Best private education institute”, 2012-13 in animation and graphic design by WCRC leaders.They offer placement assistance to students across the country. Their head office is situated in Mumbai. Their 3 years programs offered in B.Sc in Animation and Visual Effects, B.Sc in Visual effects Film making and B.Sc in Animation and Film making. For more details visit www.zica.org.

7. Indian Institute of Digital Art & Animation (IIDAA)

Indian Institute of Digital Art & Animation (IIDAA) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Institute, which is founded in the year 2008. It is a government affiliated college for animation courses and is located in Kolkata. This is considered as a unit of the IIDAA Educational Trust. They offer 3 years programs in Bachelors degree in Animation & Film making and 2 years programs in a Masters degree in Animation & Film making.

8. Whistling Woods International Institute

The Whistling Woods International Institute is considered as a film, communication and media arts institute, which has affiliations with several film schools. It is located in Mumbai, India and founded in 2006. This institution is owned by the popular Bollywood director Subash Ghai. They provide 2 years course in Diploma in Visual effects – VFX and 3 years course in the Graduate Program in Animation – BSc in Digital Film making. For more details visit www.whistlingwoods.net.

9. Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects

Frameboxx Animation & Visual Effects is established in the year 2007. They offer placement assistance. This institution is situated in  Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Chandigarh. They enable students to explore job opportunities from across the globe.  Red Boxx 1 : Career Specialization Diploma in 3D Animation & Visual Effects (20 months), B.Sc degree in Multimedia & Animation (3 years), Red Boxx 2 – Diploma in Animation & VFX (12 months) and Green Boxx 1 – Certificate Course in Animation & VFX Specialization(8 months) are the courses offered by this institution.

10. Toonz Academy

Toonz Academy is a famous animation institute in Kerala, which provide career oriented courses in animation. It has an excellent Placement track record. This college was founded in the year 2002. Its flagship program is Animation Film Making – Advanced – (AFMA). They provides 3 months course in Certificate Course in Digital 2D Animation and 6 months course in 3D Finishing Program and 12 months program in Advanced Diploma in Digital Arts and Animation. For more details visit http://www.toonzacademy.com.


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