Top 10 Best Pediatric – Child Care Hospitals in India

Top 10 Best Child Care Hospitals in India

Looking for Best Pediatric – Child Care Hospitals in India? Here is the full list of India’s top 10 best Child Care Hospitals in India with details of available services and treatment options. These are high quality assuring and trusted hospitals in India for your kids. Some hospitals deals with the care of mother and child together in all special aspects. Diagnosing and treating of children need atmost care and expertise. So always choose the right hospital by completing proper enquiry. All most all these hospitals deals with children in the age group 16-18 for all medical and surgical problems.

Max Health Care

MAXMax Institute of Pediatrics is an excellent childcare center in India. The hospital offers best class medical services, surgical services, and immunization services for children in all age groups ( upto 16 years of age). The Max Institute of Paediatrics have best class equipped Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Paediatric and Neonatal Emergency Critical Care Transport for various needs. Max Health Care have branches/centers in New Delhi, punjab, Dehradun etc.

List of Treatments and Services Offered

  • Treatment for Hirschsprung’s disease: Surgery
  • Treatment for Vesicoureteral reflux: Surgery
  • Treatment for Clubfoot
  • Catheter procedure for Patent Ductus Arteriosus
  • Atrial septal defect correction surgery
  • Max Celiac Care Programme for celiac disease

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, DelhiAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi equipped with India’s best pediatrics treatments offering department. They offer OPD consultation in  10 specialty clinics in the afternoons. The inpatient area offering 45 regular admission pediatric beds, 8-bedded High Dependency Unit, 8-bedded Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, 12-bedded Day Care Unit and 3-bedded Dialysis Unit. For new born care they AIMS offers 20 bedded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, 8-bedded Kangaroo Mother Care Unit, 24 rooming-in beds etc.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Ambulatory General Pediatric OPD services
  • In patient care facilities & Neonatology
  • Genetics & Nephrology
  • Neurology & Endocrinology
  • Oncology & Infectious Diseases
  • Rheumatology & Pulmonology
  • Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai

Apollo Children's Hospital, ChennaiApollo Childrens Hospital, Chennai provides most advanced care for children. The hospital is located near to the flagship Apollo Hospital. Apollo Children’s Hospital have 80-bedded facility. This finest quaternary-care pediatric specialty hospital have best treatment solutions for diabetes, asthma and developmental disorders. The staff strength is 45 of India’s finest pediatric specialists and over 180 nurses.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Adolescent medicine
  • Cardiology/Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Community/Behavioral medicine
  • Critical care medicine
  • Dermatology & Emergency medicine
  • ENT & Endocrinology and Metabolism
  • Gastroenterology [Medical & Surgical]
  • General Pediatrics & Hematology
  • Imaging Sciences & Infectious diseases
  • Lab services & Neonatology
  • Neurology/Neurosurgery & Nephrology/Urology
  • Occupational therapy & Orthopedics
  • Pediatric surgery & Plastic surgery
  • Preventive medicine & Psychiatry
  • Pulmonology/Allergy/Asthma
  • Rehabilitation medicine & Speech & Hearing Therapy

Surya Child Care, Mumbai

Surya Child Care, MumbaiSurya Child Care, Mumbai is one of the best pediatric and child care hospital in India. They offer various outpatient services for growth and development monitoring, ailments and regular health checks. The asthma clinic helps in symptom control, and maintaining daily activities. There is also Epilepsy clinic and Pediatric orthopedic services for  intoeing, outtoeing, flat feet, club feet, scoliosis, knee pain, fracture, bow legs, etc.

Pediatric neurology deals with the diseases affecting nervous system and muscles, epilepsy, headaches etc.  All ll blood disorder are well treated with the Pediatric hematology. There is also well equipped departments like Pediatric neurology, Pediatric ophthalmology, Pediatric dentistry,Allergy clinic, Psychology clinic etc.  They have the largest Level III unit in Mumbai with 50 beds. They have the capacity to ventilate 15 babies.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Various Pediatric Surgery & Newborn surgery
  • Correction and treatment of various congenital anomalies
  • Treatment for status epilepticus, status asthmaticus
  • Respiratory failure and pneumonia management
  • Pediatric Neurology for problems with nervous system
  • Pediatric Nephrology
  • Treatment for hematuria, proteinuria, hypertension
  • Caring UTI, calciuria, acute renal failure
  • Treatment for nephrotic syndrome
  • Management of electrolytes and acid base disturbances
  • Transfusion, infusion, chemotherapy

Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore

Christian Medical College & Hospital, VelloreChristian Medical College & Hospital is located at Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. It features Total Number of bed strength 2,632. There is Over 8,100 expert staff which includes 1,335 professional doctors; 1,825 teaching & technical staff . There is also another 2,364 nurses and 813 administrative staff. The hospital ranked among the top medical colleges in India. The hospital have departments of Child Health, Neonatology, Paediatric Surgery and Developmental Paediatrics.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Child Health Unit I

It offers treatment for general medical care & Haemato-oncology (eg leukaemia & cancers), Endocrine problems ( hormone problem, short stature,obesity, hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus), Infectious diseases(HIV/AIDS) etc.

  • Child Health Unit II

This unit is for services Apart from giving general medical care to children with Kidney problems( complicated nephrotic syndrome, Nephritis, Chronic renal failure and other renal problems.), Rheumatic conditions ( joint diseases) etc.

  • Child Health Unit III

This unit can deals with general Pediatric (children’s) Care and specializes in children with Asthma ( wheeze, cough and short of breath) etc.

  • Paediatric Surgery Department

They offers various treatments and surgeries like Neonatal Surgery, Paediatric Urology – kidney problems, Paediatric Gastrointestinal Surgery, stomach and gut problems, Surgery for congenital malformations problems, Paediatric thoracic, Meningiomyelocoele repair, spina bifida, Paediatric Solid tumours, Foreign bodies in the bronchus or Esophagus, Burns, Trauma/accidents which requires surgery.

  • Department of Neonatology

Rainbow Hospital for Women & Children

Rainbow Hospital for Women & ChildrenRainbow Hospital for Women & Children at Banjara Hills provides world class services for mother and child. The Hospital have special facilities for children and got many certifications and accreditation like NABH. This 150 Bed super specialty unit offers good treatment options in Neurology, Hematology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology and liver diseases, Metabolic and genetic disorders, Pediatric surgery etc. They have various centers/branches in Secunderabad, Kondapur, Hitech City -Hyderabad, Currency Nagar -Vijayawada etc.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • High risk obstetrics & Fetal medicine
  • Maternal intensive care unit & Neonatal intensive care unit
  • Department of General Pediatrics & Pediatric Opthalmology
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  & Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Pediatric Neurology, Neuro Rehabilitation and Allied Services
  • Department of Pediatric Surgery
  • Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Minimal Invasive Surgery
  • Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
  • Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
  • Department of Pediatric Nephrology
  • Respiratory and asthma clinic & Pediatric dentistry
  • Pediatric Endocrinology & Department of ENT
  • Department of Nutrition & Department of Psychiatry
  •  Pediatric Cardiology & Radiology Unit
  • Full-fledged Physiotherapy & Reha bilitation unit
  • Department of Speech and Language Therapy
  • Department of Pediatric Orthopedics & Occupational therapy (OT)

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, DelhiSir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi is located at the Old Rajender Nagar, Delhi. It is a  650-bed multi-speciality hospital. Patients from almost all around Southeast Asia reaching here for treatment. The department of Paediatric Cardiac Sciences offers various Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Neonatal Cardiac Surgery (Arterial Switch Operation, Infradiaphragmatic TAPVC Repair, Truncus, Premie PDA ligation), Paediatric Cardiac Surgery (Surgical Repair of ASD, VSD, TOF, Pulmonary Atresia, DORV, TAPVC, Complex Single Ventricle surgeries etc).

Department of Paediatric Neurosurgery treating hydrocehaus, spinal dysraphism (tethered coord) and encephalocoels, aneurysms and arterio-venous malformations. Paediatric Surgery department offers surgeries for Conditions like inguinal hernia, hydrocele, and undescended testis etc. Various Neonatal Surgery, Paediatric Thoracic Surgery, Paediatric Urology, Paediatric Gastrointestinal Surgery, Paediatric Cancers, Paediatric Plastic Surgery, Paediatric Laparoscopy are conducting here.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Non invasive and invasive pediatric cardiology
  • Paediatric Echo Lab for Neonatal, Paediatric & Fetal Echocardiogram
  • Facility for 3D/4D echocardiography
  • Paediatric Friendly Operation theatres and Cathlab
  • Dedicated 8 Bedded Paediatric Cardiac ICU
  • Organ transplants: liver / bone marrow / kidney
  • Exclusive pediatric emergency care
  • Pediatric intracranial pressure monitoring
  • Pediatric and neonatal high frequency ventilation
  • Point-of-care ultrasonography in pediatric intensive care unit
  • Pediatric and neonatal diagnostic and interventional cardiology
  • Neonatal and pediatric cardia surgery
  • Neonatal and pediatric transport services
  • Sedation and analgesia services
  • Pediatric day care services and procedure room
  • Pediatric laproscopic surgeries & Pediatric urology
  • Pediatric urodynamic studies & Pediatric continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT)
  • Pediatric hemodialysis & Pediatric continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)
  • Plasmapheresis & Pediatric diagnostic and interventional bronchoscopy
  • Pediatric diagnostic and interventional gastrointestinal endoscopies
  • Pediatric endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, DelhiApollo Centre of Advanced Paediatrics – ACAP (Child Health) guided by team of excellent doctors.  There is a 9 Bedded Level III Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and 2 Bedded High Dependency Unit (HDU). There is also 14 Bedded Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NNICU) and Multi- Pediatric Super Specialties Under One Roof. You can choose rooms based on Standard, Semi Private, Private & Deluxe Beds. The hospital offers other facilities like Liver Transplantation, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation.

They have excellent options like Neonatal and Pediatric Surgery & Pediatric Urology,Pediatric and Neonatal Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery,  Immunization etc. There is also options like Adolescent Medicine, Nutrition Support, Play Therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychological and Behavior Counseling, Developmental Pediatrics and Rehabilitation, Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Hemato-oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant etc.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Pediatric Cardiology
  • Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Pediatric – General
  • Pediatric Developmental
  • Pediatric Cardiology Intensivist
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology
  • Pediatric Hematology & Oncology
  • Pediatric Intensive Care
  • Pediatric Nephrology
  • Pediatric Neurology
  • Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery
  • Pediatric Surgery & Urology
  • Neonatology

Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, Chennai

Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, ChennaiKanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital is located at Nungambakkam, Chennai. They offer 24 Hrs Ambulance Services, Blood Bank, Pharmacy, Lab,x Ray, Ct Scan Facilities etc. The hospital established in the year 1978. There is bed-strength of 200. They have a well equipped separate Pediatric Oncology department, it was opened in 2010.

They offer all the medical and surgical treatment options for patients from newborn infants to teenagers up to 18 years of age. They offer treatment via special clinics like Adolescent Clinic, Asthma Clinic, Metabolic Clinic, Genetic and Birth Defects Clinic, Down Syndrome Clinic, Child Guidance and Developmental Clinic, Haemato Oncology Clinic and Endocrinology & Diabetology.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • Telemedicine facility for rural areas
  • Anesthesiology & Developmental Pediatrics
  • Emergency, Endocrinology & Allergy
  • Gastroenterology, Genetics, Hematology & Oncology
  • Biochemistry (Lab), Histopathology & Radiology
  • CT Scan, Blood Bank, EEG & Video EEG, Immunization
  • Intensive Care Unit, Burns and Plastic Surgery
  • Microbiology, Neonatology & Neonatal ICU
  • Nephrology, Cardiology & Cardiothoracic
  • Neuro Surgery & Occupational Therapy
  • Ophthalmology, Dental & Orthopedics
  • Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) & Pediatric Medicine
  • Dermatology, Pediatric Surgery & Urology
  • Physiotherapy, Psychiatry & Speech Therapy
  • Pulmonology &Intermediate Care Unit

Lotus Children’s Hospital

Lotus Children's HospitalLotus Children’s Hospital is the India’s Finest 150-bedded Children’s Hospital located at Lakdikapul, Hyderabad. The hospital set up with a cost of Rs. 32 Crores. It have acquired various certifications like Fire Safety, N. A. B. H. (National Accreditation Board for Healthcare Organizations, Government of India) requirements etc. It is said to be one of the best children´s hospital in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

They treat all the disease which needs medical and surgical intervention including Heart problems, neurological issues, gastro and liver problems, problems with growth, thyroid and diabetes, genetics disease, skin problems, eye problems, various surgeries, psychiatric issues, nutrition and diet, asthma, allergy, cancers, hematological abnormalities, orthopedic problems, ENT, Dental, rehabilitation, neuro surgery, speech issues correction and newborn care too.

Areas of Services and Treatments

  • General Paediatrics Outpatient Services
  • Master  Health  Screening  Programmes
  • 24 Hours Children’s Pharmacy
  • Child specific diagnostic labs
  • Vaccination and Nebulization
  • Inpatient Admission Process
  • Sub Speciality  Referral  Process
  • Master Health  Screening  Process
  • Children´s  Play  Area/Restrooms
  • Infant  Feeding  Room/Cafeteria
  • Free Telephone/Car Parking and Valet  Service

List of Other Best Recommended Pediatric – Child Care Hospitals in India

  • Bangalore Childrens Hospital
  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai
  • Cloudnine Children’s Hospital, Bangalore
  • K M S Mother and Child Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Minsha Children Hospital, Janmabhoomi Nagar , Mancherial
  • Mahambare Children Hospital,  Dahisar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Pooshans Children Hospital, Vikhroli, Mumbai
  • Pragna Childrens Hospital, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • Krishna Children Hospital, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

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